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Edmonton, Alberta: need players/Nobilis, TRoS, others

Game/System: Currently Riddle of Steel, wrapping up shortly, in the next 3-4 sessions.
Afterwards, moving to Twilight 2000 (1e),or Talislanta 4e until we get a Nobilis game running. Maybe an Unknown Armies one shot in there as well.

Nobilis is definitely in the works. WFRP is a group fave, so there may be some mini-campaigns thrown in for that system for fun breaks of mayhem.

I'm currently the GM for TRoS, and will be GM for the other games above except for Nobilis.

Play Location/Method: "Traditional" face to face play around a table. Currently playing in Edmonton south side (Millwoods). Play will be located in Sherwood Park after September/October.

Time/Frequency: Currently rotating around the week until the end of August. After college begins, a suitable day will be determined. Weekly play, possibly twice/week for different games (e.g. Nobilis one day, T2K/Tal another).

Current needs: 1 to 2 players. We currently have 3 people in our group, and would like a couple more.
Accept Drop-In Players? Maybe, if we're running multiple games. Naturally, players in one game need not play in another.

Accept Spectators? Maybe, to determine if your style meshes with ours.

Other Notes: We are an older group (late 20's), but don't let this throw you off if you feel you have a "mature" (by this i mean a little more thoughtful than hacking everything in sight, and not a pretentious "this is the one true way to role play") approach to gaming. We prefer imagination and creativity over rules mongering.

We will probably rotate GMs and change games every 5-6 months or so, depending on group wishes and GM plans.

PM me or email me at arxhon@hotmail.com
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