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[El Goonish Shive] I can't be the only one here who reads it ...


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You are not alone in liking EGS :) And yes, it does move with roughly the same plodding care of a glacier, which I've decided is part of its charm.


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Yep, another fan :)

I liked the last few strips of the handling of Nanase's sister.


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I have read EGS for the last seven years, but I only read it once a year. I feel that this is about the appropriate tempo to read the comic.


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I read it. It's not brilliant but it's got heart, and never takes itself too seriously.


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Yeah, it's not the quickest moving webcomic, but it was one of my first and I still really like it. That and it's fun to occasionally do strip slays of it.

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I like it quite a bit.

Now, mind you, the overall plot moves slowly in time, but a lot happens. It's been a ridiculously packed five months for the characters - which made it much easier than I expected to follow the comic after the archive binge. Though, reading Grace's Birthday Party as it came out might have been frustrating...


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I quite like it. Dan Shive's clearly put some thought into this, and the characters are all, IMO, interesting and fun. I, too, am wondering where this is gonna go.

And I wonder what Catalina Bobcat's reaction will be. And if Susan will even think about it before answering this guy.


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Stopped checking on it more often, once Mr. Shive started to define the sexuality of a certain's magical disguises...
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