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Emerald City, a cyberpunk game Sparked by the Resistance (Spire)


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Gotta admit I was giving great though to porting a spy setting I had on a low burn to the Spire system.

Great stuff.


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Yeah, I have been eyeing porting Spire to other things as well. I hadn't thought of Cyberpunk, but it makes a lot of sense. I just had a look through this and it looks cool. If I give it a closer read, I will give some more in-depth feedback.

My current thoughts:
I would like to have a more customizable/detailed cyberware system.
I like the skill/domain names.
The Oz slang is fun.


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Thanks for the feedback. Cyberpunk felt the quickest way to reskin. I love the Spire core mechanic, but I want to make sure I understand it before I start bolting on the mechanics that really make Blades in the Dark sing.

I intend to treat Cyberware as a partial playbook - lots of added advances of three tiers. Build your own. I don't think Sparked by the Resistance is set up to support a full min/max cost kind of system, so I think basic advances is the best way to handle it.


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Hi there,
just looking though your conversion.

My first ideas:
I do not know enough about your setting at this point but do you really need five different Stress types. At least Brain seems to be unnecessary.
Is there such a big "Horror" part in your setting?

Aside from that it seems a solid reskin.
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