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Encapsulating the '80s - looking for recommendations


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Don't pick Miami Vice episodes at random. Pick the one built around Glenn Frey's "Smuggler's Blues"
Then go watch the video to the song. Pretty much a double whammy of 80's goodness.

For listening material, check out the Sisters of Mercy FLOODLAND album. Remember, goth hit right at the end of the 80s and original V:tM drew a great deal from that aesthetic.

Also, this video by Todd In the Shadows gives a good run down about what the end of the 80s/cusp of the 90s was like:



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Since it just came out I have to suggest the 80's-riffic Kung Fury.

Here's the music video for the movie


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For a nice concentrated burst of 80s zeitgeist and grungy underground weirdness, you could do worse than to check out Repo Man.


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For clothing, go watch The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984). It is one of my favorite movies and it has 1980's fashion all over the place! Skinny ties, tabi boots, androgyny... it has it all!


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80s, vampire....

Do I have to recommend The Lost Boys? Or is it already injected in the blood of anyone that plays Vampire already? It even has the two Coreys in it, which are the poster boys for 80s and early 90s kids and teens film crowd. Granted, it's a smidge light hearted, but the vampires within also carry the creepy and have more than a bit of gangrel/brujah dna to them.
Yes! It's my 2nd favorite 80s vampire flick. (Further down if you count "Once Bitten" or "Innocent Blood")

(#1 would be "Near Dark".)
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I'm fond of Highlander. It didn't have vampires as such, but it did have (kinda-)immortals and a rocking soundtrack.


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Since it just came out I have to suggest the 80's-riffic Kung Fury.

Here's the music video for the movie
Having just watched the movie (and the music video here), I can honestly say that it is the most awesome 80's experience since the 80's...:cool:
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I'd be tempted to do a movie night that showcased the stuff that the WoD was a reaction against, a night the showcased the stuff that the WoD was like and a night of vampire movies to get folks in the mood.

Reacting Against Night

Much as I love the film (it is one of my three go to movies when I need cheering up) Ferris Bueller's Day Off is everything that the WoD isn't. It is bright, it is cheerful, there are no consequences for your actions, everyone is nice and good (well almost at least), there is no suffering in the world. I can think of very few films that resemble the WoD less and I think that is a good starting point. The WoD (and the things it drew from) were grounded in a rejection of all that brightness and light.

I'm trying to think of a clean, black and white war movie but my mind keeps slipping to the Vietnam movies and that isn't what I'm looking for here. Maybe Top Gun or Iron Eagle, something without moral ambiguity on the role of the military and the use of military power, that revels in the glory of military victory. Top Gun is the better movie and the more iconic 80s movie but Iron Eagle is probably a better symbol of the attitude I'd be trying to show.

Wall Street - I'm a bit torn on this one. It is very eighties with the whole "greed is good" thing but it is also a criticism of it, it could be part of the second movie night. It might be the best film to end the first night or start the second on.

WoD Inspiration

So night two, movies that inspired the WoD but aren't vampire movies. There is a list of these in the back of the Vampire books. My choices would probably be The Crow, Dark City and Tim Burton's Batman. All dark, moody movies with a strong focus on a stylistic image. (I'd be tempted to throw in Highlander, the first movie, here too but it hasn't aged well for many younger folks).

Vampire Movies

Near Dark and Lost Boys without at doubt. Interview With A Vampire probably because Anne Rice's vampires are probably the single biggest influence on the WoD.

Then I'd probably stop there unless the players wanted another movie night, you could easily stretch the vampire stuff out to two or three nights. You wouldn't have to worry about when the films were made either, there are a number of old vampire movies that were an influence and a number of newer ones that drew almost shamelessly from VtM (like Blade for example).

The only thing I'd consider when picking movies would be the specifics of the game you are planning on running - good inspiration for anarch/Brujah movies are very different from courtly Toreador/Ventrue movies and from Sabbat movies or hunter movies. There are plenty in each category to pick from.
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