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Other Publisher End of Year BLOW-OUT sale at OpenGamingStore.com! 30% (OR MORE) OFF PRINT BOOKS!


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It's the annual end of year BLOW-OUT sale where we try to clear inventory so as to make counting what's left easier. This sale ends 12/31 but until then get 30% off of a TON of physical products (printed books, dice, minis, cards, games, etc.) that we SHIP TO YOU!


ALSO! Due to an unfortunate error in ordering, there is an overstock of the following two books we MUST get rid of before the end of the year. So, our error = a GREAT opportunity for you to check out two REALLY awesome books at a limited time discount of 50% off for the PRINT format. That's right, these are full-color softcover books of very high quality I ship direct to you. Grab these before they're gone!

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