*Kickstarter* Era: The Consortium Core Rulebook & Expansion on Kickstarter now!


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Era: The Consortium, a Science Fiction RPG with 500 years of playable history, is on Kickstarter now!​

Here's a little taster:
Era: The Consortium is the story of a Colony Ship launched from Earth and the habitable world it discovers, Taranis. The game follows the inhabitants of Taranis as the create a society, encounter alien races and explore the space nearby.

The GM and players can choose where to begin playing - they can start anywhere during the 500 years of history. You can experience the hardship of colonisation, the wonder of discovering new alien races, command a ship in wars spanning entire solar systems, and join a Resistance movement against the government to save 14 billion lives!

Here's a few reviews: RPG Knights, Ghost Without a Shell

But there's more!
You can also get the first expansion, The Secret War. This expansion provides the opportunity to view the history through different eyes - that of the elite operatives of Hayden Bank, known as Shades, and of the Resistance's anti-Shade Units, known as Phantoms!

The Core Rulebook alone, the Core Rulebook with the Expansion and the Expansion alone are available on Kickstarter!

Well, I think that's everything.

I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone has about the Kickstarter or Era: The Consortium!
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