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Event Horizon Larp?


What Are You Afraid Of?
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Someone posted a link to this on FB and I thought I'd share and/or ask if anyone is backing or knows more about it.


The story sounds intriguing and the location looks amazing. Other than that, I don't have any familiarity with the organizers.

Thoughts? Comments?

In general I'm interested in trying out more event style LARPs and want them to succeed as a genre/style of play here in the USA. Is this the start of a trend? I certainly hope so.

Anyone here planning on hitting this event?



Cyborg Princess
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I saw this kickstarter and immediately wondered if this game had any relation to the sci-fi horror film, "Event Horizon". It does not, but that's fine. It still looks like they've got a great venue picked out and they've got a lot of neat stretch goals for the kickstarter. If only they were somewhere closer than California :(
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