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Everquest I nostalgia


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I played EQ1 for some years, relatively early after its release - I think it was in 2000. Not sure.

I remember crossing Antonica via the south path with a friend as a guide and bodyguard. It was long, it was amazing to see all this stuff, and I got killed once at the lake, forcing a long corpse run.

I remember fighting stupid snakes and gnolls at the gates of Qeynos, selling piles of stuff for mere coppers as I really, really needed to buy a better weapon if I wanted to fight in the hills. And I needed bags.

I can't remember how many times I ran through Blackburrow to go to Halas. I remember joining the derailment squad at the entrance, to mixed results. I remember that guys with his pet giant bear in the tundra. I remember hunting mammoths with bow and haphazard kiting techniques, and feeling proud whenever I brought one down in those snowy hills.

I remember running from Holly Windstalker.

I remember fighting gorge hounds in Eastern Kara, in very very precarious conditions, since at one point research showed it was the only thing I could reasonably solo with a ranger - early EQ was hard.

I remember that crossing Highpass Hold was a terrifying experience. I remember waiting for the day to rise over Kithicor and being scared of the undead there.

I remember marauding in Southern Karanas to kill the isolated gnolls burrowing around jutting, bloodied giant stone teeths rising from the ground, tracking them down like only a ranger can and pouncing on them from nowhere.

I remember the first time I saw the gigantic bridge between Eastern and Western Karana.

I remember trafficking lightstones between Qeynos and Odus.

I remember being afraid of falling in the Hole whilst venturing out of Paineel.

I remember the time spent in Stonebrunt Mountains to forge two wakizashis of the frozen skies, then my dream weapon due to the procs. I remember how tough it was to survive that forest (bloody pandas), many desperate flights, and the friendly Kerran village with the little girl who had lost her toy burlap ball. I loved that zone - and the Warrens, too. I wanted to retire at the Kerran village.

I remember giants, or maybe cyclops, attacking the boat as we crossed the Ocean of Tears.

I remember spending so much time in the Mines of Nurga and the Temple of Droga, dual-boxing a ranger and a chanter. It was a very very shitty time of my life and I found solace just making circuits in there to farm AA experience, allowing me to stop thinking about the other stuff. Guildies were making fun of me as I was there every time they logged in.

I remember marvelling at how lifelike and immersive the dwarven city hidden behind the Velious waterfall was.

I remember grinding Crystal Caverns. Those geonids and stalag terrors and crystalline spiders were mine mine mine MINNNEEE ! :) I remember the time it took for to understand how to navigate those rather confusing, glittering mines.

I remember prowling the rather weird Akheva ruins to get those damn Centi weapons back when they were pretty good, working hard to corner isolated targets. It was an alien place.

I remember the Terris Thule fight. I was kiting one of the four real big guardians, and our small rangers team also got to shine with our 'unleash hell' moment as we all triggered trueshot and other bow damage increases.

I remember very bitter, hard solo fights to scrap by some experience, money and the very occasional drop. Often in very odd, little-known and hard-to-reach places, as I kept soloing with a class not optimised for it. I remember all the research to find those places, the maps, the recon work, the necessary stealth, surveying loot tables for ordinary monsters.

I remember my guildies within the Silent Minority. Ambro, Skeg, Ash, Nuwar, Kity, Bulveii, Oozie, Valmir, Myrth, Lathandre, Siffle, Jender, Syssta... a weird collage from most European countries (and some Americans with unusual hours) playing off-hours on a US servers, and that ended up challenging the Plane of Time. A band of brothers with a great sense of community and relaxed attitude.

I remember a lot of Everquest I, I guess. I hope I'll get some time to play EQ2 again before the end of the year.


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I think it is an undeniable truth that while more modern MMOs may be better than Everquest, I have never had as much fun as when I playing Everquest. I still miss my bard and my days of innocence when everything was new and exciting.

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Do you play any other MMORPGs? Because I've been playing WoW for two years now, and I've never, ever, ever had any experience anything like any of the ones you've described.

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Oh, yes. A thousand times, yes. For five years, I played EQ 1. I remember similar experiences with my human necromancer (yes, human... I had read somewhere that the human advantage was that they leveled more quickly than other races.)

I remember hunting treants in the Karanas, and wondering why the Qeynos guards instantly knew what I was doing miles away... and why they hated me for it.

I remember loading newbie monsters with loot way back in the day... Just handing it to them, knowing that some new player would come along and kill that fire beetle and discover it had a tremendous amount of treasure on it.

I remember Fippy Darkpaw's constant suicidal attacks on the city of Qeynos.

I remember the hilarity of using my pickpocket skill (human rogue) on a gnoll, and getting the gnoll's pelvis. Let me say that again; I surreptitiously lifted the gnoll's PELVIS from him. And HE DID NOT NOTICE.

I remember the epic weapon quests, and the disappointment I felt at the end of them, as I was rewarded with... the duckstick.

The world was so big, and the game so new. I remember how cool it was that, when I played my dwarf, I was looking out at dwarf eye level. That first journey to Qeynos from the dwarven homeland was something that really felt like a long adventure. No real quests... just "I want to see the human city, let's go" kind of thing. And it took a long time to get there.

I, too, met some great people and had a fun guild. I have never met any of them face to face, but even five years later, I can remember their names and their personalities.

The game was never perfect. The powers that be at EQ HQ often seemed to make decisions specifically designed to make the game less fun for me, personally. But despite it all, it was marvelous.

I miss that experience. I've played more than half a dozen other MMOs since then... and never had that same experience.


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Do you play any other MMORPGs? Because I've been playing WoW for two years now, and I've never, ever, ever had any experience anything like any of the ones you've described.
Oh sure. I have lots of fond WoW memories and moments (many with Blacksky), but they haven't had time to crystallise.

Also... EQ was there first (I briefly participated to the Ultima Online beta, but I had way too much work at that point and ended up giving the CD and code to one of my employees so he could tell me how it was :) ), and it did hit the right difficulty level for me at that time. Those are fairly unique circumstances.

I think many EQ veterans of 1999-2001 shared the same 'wow' factor of just... actually being in this harsh world with so much stuff packed in it. Many people later mocked the "gee, Everquest is a full time job, hur hur hur" aspect but I enjoyed how demanding it was. Especially since, as noted, I was soloing (and later dual-boxing), which was normally near-suicidal.

It was poor game design, the graphics were terrible, many of the quests inane... but it was a sort of super-immersive new frontier, hard to tame, and the good men and women at your side could be really cool folks.


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There are a lot of things I really grew to dislike about EQ (corpse runs were BS), and as time went on, I very quickly tired of it and unsubscribed. That said, I do have still have some really fond memories of playing the game when it came out. A lot of it has to do like you guys say, with it being a very early game so a lot of things were just new and fresh. A lot of fun was to be had from exploring new territory, both figuratively and literally.

One of my favorite characters to play was Koochie, the Ogre seductress. Well, she tried her best anyway. :D


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5 and 1/2 years of EQ here.. Lets see what I can remember..

I remember people training The Tangrin into the newbie area of Field of bone.

I remember many good times in Kurns Tower.

I remember Going from Kunark to Freeport as an iksar.

I remember the horrors of underwater zones like Sirens Grotto.

I remember our guild beast master invis wearing off near the chiefs room in revamp Droga and training the whole dungeon to the entrance.

I remember telling people I was sorry for training them and would rez them, instead sacrificing them :D

I remember solo farming giants for plat.

I remember being kicked by snakes outside Qeynos.

I remember trying to find a decrepit hide before the drop changes.

I remember loving, Veksar, Howling Stones, Umbral planes, Sebilis, and Droga.

I remember soloing riwwi arena for 100's of 1000's of plat a night.

I remember tanking bastion of thunder with my necro.

I remember *The Defendants Have Been Found..... Lacking*

I remember fighting to the bitter end in the Ring War.

I remember attacking the nexus scions just out of their reach then asking people to heal/buff me. :D

I remember Waking the Dead on raid bosses.

I remember the Luclin launch when I couldn't play for 2 weeks.

I remember waiting 10hrs for Coirnav and having another guild steal him.

I remember Getting my level 10 shadowknight to velious to loot a sword of pain.

I remember the endless fun of Griegs End before the revamp.

I remember failing rallos zek 30+ times.
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