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Everything is DEAD and it makes me sad. Where did all my friends go?


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World of Warcraft - No one plays anymore
SWotOR - They only played for about a month
(insert countless other online games here)
Minecraft - Everyone built their cool house and left

The only things that most social groups I find want to play anymore are the simple, repetitive, FPS games like Team Fortress or other games like League of Legends.

The same thing can be said for my table top groups as well. They have just lost interest in Board Games entirely. They come to gaming meetups and just want to sit and talk, no one is willing to get off the couch. Other gamers will show up and say, " I will play some short game, then I have to go."

What do I have to do to keep people interested?


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Guild Wars 2 is alive and well! We do guild-y things all the time, and chat, and murderize pixelated critters! It's fun!

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I'm kinda in the same spot. This is the first time in, like, literally a decade or so when most of my friends haven't been in one MMO or another.


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I found CoX initiated a big diaspora. That said, some of my mates are in GW2, and Natural Selection and TF2 have kept me stable in the gaming department.

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You are welcome to join us in EVE Online. I came back about a month ago and was pleased to discover it still has a truly excellent RPG.net community. Shoot me a PM if you'd like a trial code.

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We're getting more and more active in SWTOR again, too, we're just on Begeren Colony with our guilds (More Machine Than Man at Imp-side, Idealistic Crusaders at Republic-side).

...though I have been considering seeing if we have enough members on Ebon Hawk to start a guild called the Alien Anti-Defemation League (a guild where, among other things, Twi'leks are allowed to be persons like in the EU instead of the ridiculous Gorean stereotypes a lot of people who spend too much time on DeviantArt wants to reduce them to). I even have a true-blue honest-Abe kindhearted Sith Trooper on there who could be a founding member. "Yes, I'm Sith. But I believe in the values of the Republic, I believe in Do No Harm, I believe in Truth, Justice and the Coruscant Way." ;)

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Ive got a Steam group containing a number of my MMO friends. Lets us keep in touch when we move on to other games and meet up when we end up playing the same one.

Edit: as for keeping people interested help them have as much fun as possible and if that doesnt work dont bother. No point applying preasure to people who are not enjoying the game.
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