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[Exalted 2.5] First time running


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My group has decided to play Exalted. Version 2.5, to be exact. I played 1st edition for a while, and followed 2nd edition mostly from the sidelines. I have some of the books, and just downloaded the errata.

Now I'm going to have a ton of questions for you Exalted veterans, but I'm a bit strapped for time so I'll start off with a generic one: What are the biggest mechanical pitfalls I should worry about?

Also, since it's on my mind, a very specific minor one: why the changes to the Resistance Soak Charms? The old design seems more elegant to me (increasing Hardness combined with reducing pre-soak damage), why was this changed? Feels like an attempt to make Soak act like Hardness, which in turn makes Hardness feel redundant.

Thanks! :)
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