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Exalted 2nd Edition. Mass Combat- How does Might work ?


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Hi. I'm asking because I've look into some books and I've noted that Might doesn't work as described in the Core rulebooks.
For example in Manual of Terrestrial Directions The Scavenger Lands. Lookshy Gunzosha Troops have might level of 4.
By Core Rules non enlightened humans wearing Gunzosha armor should have a might of 2. If we assume each soldier in the Gunzosha Talon is composed of trained thaumaturge humans we could reach might 3. Still not close to might 4.


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I don't think there is any more to this than you have posted. The writer of Manual of Terrestrial Directions The Scavenger Lands thought Might 4 was appropriate, despite the guidelines in the rulebook.


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As best I can tell, whoever wrote the stats for all the Lookshy troops just added 2 to whatever Might they should normally have by core rules - for example, they've classed the entirely mortal and standardly equipped heavy infantry as Might 2. Whether this was intentional or not, we may never know, short of the writer reading this thread. Doesn't seem to have ever been errata'd, and isn't repeated in, at least, the Marukani section.

So, I'd just edit it back down by two points.
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