[Exalted] Any Solar Exalted fans still around?


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I remember there were a few of us, fans (or fanboys when things got heated. :)) of the Solar Exalted though the later Types always seem more popular (as far as this site went, I can't speak for general Exalted fandom). Any of us still around? I think the way the views/presentation of the Solars changed over the course of the game may changed some opinions or even turned some former fans off among some other things but that is just opinion.


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To the degree that I interact with the Exalted setting any longer, Solars are still my go to. Both because they're really easy to explain to new players, but also because I really like how they're set up without a default social network, so they've got to build their own more or less from scratch. I also like the whole bit about them being a shiny version of human-plus.


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I run Solars more than any other Exalted types. I tend to prefer to use the other Exalted in contrast with the Solar baseline.

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I consider myself a fan of them all (Except Sederials, and Alchemicals kind of fly in the face of a few things I like) so, yeah right here :) I'm actually running a solo game for a solar exalt at the moment.


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I don't play any more, but I preferred running and playing solars. They always seemed like the most open to different character concepts. I also thought alchemicals were cool, but in the confines of their own world.


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I guess I am a fan in a non-competitive "They're a solidly built part of their game setting" kind of way, more than a "They're my guys" kind of way, if that counts?

I like them better since I stopped thinking about them in terms of "Would I actually trust people like this to run the world, in reality?" and "What do they really *represent*?" and in more straightforward terms of approachable strong fantasy heroes who are there to be a blast to play. Without reading too much deeper meaning into why they are or should be "stronger" than other Exalted than just "It's a conceit of their setting that doesn't mean anything particularly deeply". 3e having a better tone around balance and mechanics and capabilities of splats, even if "power" gaps hasn't necessarily changed that much in real mechanical terms, also helps with the likeability factor.


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I always love epic scale of mortal excellence characters among the more overt powers in a setting - Talents are also my favorite Trinity Continuum characters even though they’re at the low end of their power spectrum va Solars at the top of theirs.

It always annoys me when people complain about Solars not having as much flavor as the other Exalted splats, when that’s because their flavor hinges on their individuality!
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