[Exalted] Any Solar Exalted fans still around?

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I'm not quite sure how to answer a thread like this. as people have said to me before, I have a History™.

Yes technically they're my least favorite Exalt of all them, true. but the fact there are some things about them in 3e that are better to me than they were before. for example, Supernal Martial Arts is one the best things I like about Solars because I can just take that and have a full suite of weird combat powers rather having to deal with boring ol' Solar charms. with them having access to any evocations, their aesthetics are a lot more flexible, with sorcery making the possibilities practically endless, and the more I examine other splats, the more I figure out how to use the solar charmset to emulate those other splats myself if people are insistent upon only playing Solars. it takes some creativity and it took me the longest time to figure out how to replicate Sidereals at character creation, but it can work.

so I don't really like Solars for Solars sake, but really because I've had nothing else to work with in figuring out how to make them weird, sorcerous and such as possible, I've come to appreciate how flexible they can be at least. given the choice I'd take any other Exalt, but I have figured out how to make Solars work for me a a "rough emulation of what I actually want to play" tool. though there is at least one character I play that I'd consider pure Zenith because I play them in a DBZ game and they're basically just a human with cybernetics and feel as if they'd be a great character to adapt to Exalted and that is simply the best Exalt that fits them- the specific character takes importance over any overarching preference of mine. (she might also be a Lunar though. she IS pretty focused on being versatile and free over being specialized, but from one perspective she does fit the Zenith mold quite well, if a Supernal Resistance one, I mean you kind of have to be a Zenith Caste to keep a bunch of planet-killers with mental issues in line while vowing to never destroy a planet yourself. no one can tell me a DBZ game played by intelligent people isn't a game of Exalted just on ridiculously higher stakes. no one.) I even play a Solar who is basically my best attempt at putting as much Infernal as I can into a Twilight. I like her, I get to be arrogant sorcerous genius vegeta.

So I dunno, am I a Solar fan? you tell me, I'm waiting for Laughing Monster Style to be here so I can make an even weirder Solar than ever before. Fae Dawn Caste riding around upon a cloud and using fair folk-fu to kill dudes sounds awesome. is it optimal? probably not! but since when did I ever care about whats optimal except for my purposes?


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Who doesn’t like Solars?

(Please do not feel obliged to answer. The question is rhetorical. If there was a ruckus or hullabaloo I would prefer to remain ignorant of it.)

Mind, I have only played them as part of a very peculiar campaign set in the World of Darkness.


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Solar fanboy reporting for duty.

I wouldn't mind seeing a rewrite of their 3rd Edition charms to make them more streamlined, mind, and I would like to see more antagonists on their level, but I still love them to death.


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While I could still tolerate the system and run a session Solars were always my go to. I like them all, but the Solars appealed (to me) as the 'Heroes' of the setting (And easiest to write for)


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Its neat that Twilights are finally getting some support. We Dawn combat monsters, Zenith and Eclipse social savants, and Night ninjas, but Twilight always felt the odd one out. Without sorcery you were the team doctor? Maybe the person that relays all the exposition you get from the storyteller? And sorcery was only barely enough to define a character around.

Now there's actually some meat on those charmsets and I really appreciate it.
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