[Exalted] Conversion to Spirit of the Century

As much as I like Exalted, quite a bit of the systems buggers me.
It's quite cumbersome in some ways and its size and complexity spawn their own problems. (First to come to my mind are high essence charms and combos rules.)
I like the buckets of dice to roll, I like optimizing my character to certain aspects of crunch, the social combat mechanics are decent, etc. And generally the setting and style are crisp, no question.

A WotG conversion has already been done, which is fine for those who want to focus more on combat, or the crunchy part of the system.

But while reading the new SotC, I quite got the idea - why not convert things over the FATE system ?
Exalted is definitly enough into pulp, the descriptive manner of things resonates with stunts quite well, and higher essence mojos are no problem because of the narrative nature of the system, as quite a bit of high powered stuff comes very near to "GM Fiat" anyway.

So here some ideas, hopefully to be expanded:

For abilities I think we could easily just start with those 25 from Exalted.

Attributes are just translated into Aspects as usual, and partly ignored. Anima / Caste effects the same.

Backgrounds easily go just along as Stunts.

The hard part would be the conversion of Charms and Essence levels. I personally don't think special traits like virtues need to be converted - for those players interested in them, for example a certain virtue, it can easily be taken as aspect as usual.
Just by intution I'd probably convert Charms in packages into Aspects, because it's a little easier, more flexible and covers the "you have to pay to use your charms" (Motes !), and have Aspects resets quite frequently.
Essence as well as powermeasurement for different kinds of beeings (being on the same "experience" = same phase) would be done by special Stunts. One buy for each level of essence and used in certain situations as necessary, the difference of power going by buyable stunts - so a Celestial might be allowed to buy a stunt "Combat badassery +3", while DB and other Essence users get "Combat badassery +2" and the meager rest must stick with the +1 version.
The line is quite blurry, though, and I can easily see some Charms to be better translated into Stunts. So not too sure here, but I don't want to make the converted system too fiddly and overly fine.

Successful Exalted stunts would simply recover Fate Points or Aspect usages. Bonuses might be like +1 or +1 die for a certain stunt, but I'm not certain this is necessary.

I'm aware that this might lead into large power differences and many phases, so maybe you should increase the dice count to roll from 4 to 6.

More ideas ? :)

PS: Sorry if I incooperated old Fate slang, I'm not totally converted to possible new SotC language.

Rob Donoghue

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We started out our <A href='http://wiki.white-wolf.com/exalted/index.php/FirstFifty'>recent Exalted game</a> with Fate. We ended up driftign to Weapons of the Gods for shiny, and then to Exalted 2e out of curiosity, but I honestly don't think the game would have been nearly as good it it hadn't been touched by Fate. I just tossed the character sheets up <A href="http://www.logrus.com/~moose/FateExaltedSheets.pdf">here</a> just for illustration. This was done while SOTC was in development, so it had some odd halfway there bits, some of which worked well, some of which did not.

Exalted's skill list works great, though the 2e changes (Merging Brawling & Martial Arts, merging Endurance & Resistance, adding War and Composure) are decent.

We ended up handling essence pretty much as follows: Character have an essence rating like they do in exalted (generally 2-5) and rather than using that to subsequently calculate motes and pools, that's just a measure of how much essence the character could spend during each exchange. A lot of the charms were aggregated together (in a way that would be much easier with the 2e excellencies) as 1 mote == +1 to your result, with fixed costs for non-bonus effects. I think your idea probably just takes this to its logical conclusion, so that sounds rockin'.

We also had stunts, which were generally far more limited than charms (usually gave a max +1 bonus) as things that mortals did, and which represented what our characters excelled at in their mortal lives.

It didn't handle the equipment that well. I think the SOTC rules would have been a big help for that, but we weren't really well armed for it.

Hmm. All in all it sounds liek you're on the right track, so I'm mostly just saying "When we tried it, it rocked, but I think it could rock more." :)

-Rob D.


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Well, It is all fun and games untill someone gets sodomized
That's when we say no :cool:
I would exchange that last line with "then it´s just hilarious".

Back IT - an excellent idea, langeweile. I must get SOTC soon now. And thanks to Rob Donoghue for the material - the character sheets alone made me hungry for some FATE.
Wait, there's an Exalted conversion to WotG? Where? How?
It should be in the WotG boards. (I don't remember in the new or the old-dead-but-recovered.)

For the rest... I'd just make it very simple. WotG system, Exalted world. Modify lores, add some artifacts, Rank 5 = Essence 1... Rank 1 = Essence 5, just continue onwards for Essence >= 6. Maybe make progression a little slower (maybe like 100 per rank). Add much more Kung-Fu :D Everything else is so easily fitted by Chi-Conditions and Secret arts. Just don't try to translate it Charm by Charm.
Basic, easy, works.
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I just picked up SotC and am reading through it right now (and it sure is looking like a fun game!). Just thought I'd put up a random thought I had for character creation in an Exalted conversion. Now you could do it like regular SotC, where each character makes up a pulp novel he starred in and two novels that he guest starred in, but fun as that may be for a true pulp game, it might feel a bit odd for Exalted. An alternative way could be something along these lines (for a Solar character):

Phase 1 - Background
Choose two Aspects that define who you were as a mortal, before your Exaltation.

Phase 2 - Exaltation
Choose two Aspects that define the moment of your Exaltation and how it changed you.

Phase 3 - Solar
Choose two Aspects that define you as one of the Solar Exalted.

Phase 4 - Caste
Choose two Aspects that define your Caste.

Phase 5 - Past lives
Choose two Aspects that say something about the previous incarnations your Solar Essence has had. Alternately, if you don't know anything about your past lives, you may leave this for now and choose Aspects tied to your past incarnations as they come up in play.

Or something.:)

Dr. Halflight

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Actually, as soon as I read SotC, Exalted sprung to mind. I wasn't worried so much with converting Charms. I figured what I'd do is have Exalted Skill levels range from Good to Epic & default to Fair. Then I'd just let them have Aspects & Stunts as normal. I'd been toying with the idea that each type of Exalted got a specific free stunt, but honestly treating it as an aspect works better.

Of course, I haven't run SotC or Fate Exalted, but I don't like exacting conversions.
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