[Exalted] Dragonblooded Pirate Roll Call


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So, my FLGS is starting a new "casual" exalted campaign. Premise Dragonblooded Privateers in the west. I'm currently stumped for ideas, since I've only ever played in one exalted game and it was a Twilight Blacksmith. I call on you Denizens of RPG.net. Give me some cool ideas for a dragonblood privateer.

Ground Rules:
I don't need or WANT fully fleshed out character writeups. A few sentences and a few charm suggestions is good enough.
If you don't like somoene elses idea, there is no need to say so. Just post something else.

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Dukantha's by-blow.

An adolescent escaping Skullstone's pogrom against Terrestrials.

The lover of another protagonist. When they were young, they promised to start a family together, but their paths parted, and now they've met again - now that she's Tya.

A mystic who sees himself as more kin to water than man.

A fearless, handsome rapscallion who attributes his luck at sea to his seducing every Storm Mother this side of Onyx.

A syncretist priest of local religious practice and the imported Immaculate Philosophy. He will only stand to attack ships he sees violating proper religionautical practice.


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A fire aspect who, for whatever reason you decide on loves sailing. They use athletic charms to run on water and are an extremely dangerous foe since they can simply run onto a ship and set it alight with no real effort.


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An air aspect navigator and chartsman that uses the wind sailing charms to speed the ship. Extensive sailing charms related to speed, grab the speed enhancing athletics charms too.

A wood aspect ("Glorious Lily") Lost Egg from Chiaroscuro sent to prove her worth before being accepted into a (water aspected?) Dynastic House.

A water aspected Immaculate Monk trying to meditate as close to the pole of water as possible. While on his way there, gets hijinked into the plot.

A young Nellens commanding his first ship and crew while they work as privateers for the Imperial Navy.


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I think actually mis-spoke and meant Peleps. They're the ones that run the Imperial Navy, right? Though being a Nellens under-dog would be fun too, and the difference between a privateer and a navy-man would be pretty different, IMO.


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I'm actually kinda feeling this Nellens concept now.

So how's this sound?

A Nellens Officer on a Privateering vessel. He leads the boarding parties etc. Basically a marine in the original sense. He's trained to fight at sea and in the littoral zone. Heavily cares for his men, and as a result they are highly loyal to him. I was thinking either a water aspect or a fire aspect.
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