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[exalted] inspiration tree


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I've tried google for 20 minutes now and I can't find the thing where it's like "dinosaurs" and "dunsany" and "anime."

Help plz?

Stephen Lea Sheppard

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As the official Keeper of the Exalted Inspiration Tree, I think this is my cue.

Anyway, I felt there was a clear line of inspiration that ran like this:

                              Dinosaurs Rule The Earth!
                               /                     \
                              /                   Eastern Epic +
                  Western Epic             Chinese Novels
                 /           \                 |        \
                /           Classical          |         \
      Lord Dunsany       Histories             |     Floating World
                \            /                 |         Prints
                 \          /                 Wuxia       |
                 Pulp Fantasy                    \       Anime
                /           \                     \     /
      Riverworld*    Pulp Revival                  CRPGs
               \             |                       /
                \            v                      /
                 +-----> Exalted <-----------------+

* Tom Mix pwnz j00.
And that I could steal from basically every point along those trails, and as long as I didn't try to emphasize mututally contradictory elements. People who hate Ninja Scroll but think Red Blades of Black Cathay is elevated entertainment, or who find the Ramayana thrilling while dismissing Final Fantasy as overpowered crap often pick part of the tree and use those elements exclusively. I generally find the differences illusionary -- I don't really see very much space between Cloud Strife's sword and the ox-goad of Shamgar of Anath, other than one being more legitimate in the eyes of the person doing the imagining, which is what matters, but I like to steal omnivorously.

Will that do?


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Is that even on the wiki? I went looking for it a while ago to see if I could nick the code that makes the text all uniformly spaced, but I couldn't find it.


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bartkusa said:
No, it's not on the wiki.

I tried.
You could always put it up as an image.

If you don't get around to it, I could probably do it this weekend. It really ought to be on there somewhere...

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