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[Exalted+] Let's Fill In The Yozi Charm Trees

Aaron Peori

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So, rather than complain about who "Malfeas has no Forging Charm" and "cecelyne doens't have X" let's see what we here at rpg.net can come up with!

Let's start with Willows fantastic Malfeas Forging Charm:


Let's name it...

Peacock-Metal Crucible
Cost: —; Min: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Shaping
Prerequisite Charms: Viridian Legend Exoskeleton, Cold Fire Desolation Brand

Malfeas is never a king without a palace; when he is found without a refuge, he builds one. This Charm permanently improves Cold Fire Desolation Brand, expanding the palette of spiritual diseases the Infernal may inflict. At Essence 3+, the Infernal learns the Molting Scarab Plague. At Essence 4+, he learns the Flower of Anguish Parasite. Finally, at Essence 5+, he may inflict the Abalone Vessel Endowment.

All these diseases have features identical to the Green Sun Wasting and Final Viridescence, as the prerequisite Charm inflicts, except for their symptoms.

Molting Scarab Plague Symptoms: This disease begins as a rapid greening and toughening of the skin. Within hours, the victim feels a stiffening in his joints and muscles. As the disease progresses, the victim's skin begins to slough off in ragged patches, revealing hexagonal plates of green brass. The stiffening and molting reduce the victim's effective Strength by 1 dot per day (minimum 0). By the time of his demise, the victim's skin and muscles will have been transformed into green, building-quality brass, encasing his unaltered bones and organs.

Flower of Anguish Parasite Symptoms: With this disease, black fungous vines burst from the victim's skin, emerging from his blood vessels. These vines grasp nearby items and each other, progressively reducing the victim's Dexterity. Allowed to run its full course, the vines will consume the victim's entire body and interlace themselves into a tightly-woven mat. This mat may be unwrapped and spread out with some effort, producing enough fibrous, grasping matter to act as mortar to wall a hundred-square-foot room. Once bound to an edifice, the vines become quiescent, only erupting into iridescent green-blue flower when they come into contact with bodily fluids, and even then only for instants before the flowering bodies burst in clouds of sterile spores.

Abalone Vessel Endowment Symptoms: This disease is nearly indistinguishable from the Final Viridescence, with the exception of the luminous vesicles that form around the victim's lymph nodes. These may be harvested from the cadaver, providing an amount of refined vitriol with a refinement cost equal to the victim's Essence.
And a few of my own to wet the pile:

Narcissitic Solipism Attraction
Cost: - (2m, 1wp) Type: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Keywords: Emotion
Mins: Essence 3 Prereqs: Nemesis Self Imagined Anew

Many are the heros of the world who would deny the darkness to their very last
breath, but many more are those who find themselves attracted irresistably to
the darkness inside themselves.

This Charm permanently upgrades its prerequisite. Whenever the Infernal uses
Nemesis Self Imagined Anew he may spend two motes and one additional willpower
and the target of that Charm immediately develops an intimacy of sexual lust
towards the Infernal so long as he maintains use of the prerequisite Charm. This
Emotion effect is not obvious to the target until he first meets the Infernal,
but instead manifests as a sudden urge that can not be satisfied in any way.
Once he meets the Infernal, the victim recognizes that he has met the one being
capable of satisfying his desires. This urge exists regardless of the victims
normal sexual preference or species. Only beings immune to Emotion effects are

While under the sway of this Intimacy, the victim suffers a penalty to all his
mental Dvs against the Infernal equals to the Infernal's (Essence). This does
not stack with other Intimacy, Virtue or Motivation related DV penalties.
Resisting this Emotion effect costs one Willpower per scene or (Essence)
Willpower when Nemesis Self Imagined Anew is first activated or the Infernal
first met (but may onyl be resisted on a scene by scene basis thereafter).

Dead Lover's Embrace
Cost: - (5m, 1wp) Type: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Keywords: Illusion
Mins: Essence 4 Prereqs: Narcissitic Solipism Attraction

It is not uncommon for the heros of the world to find themselves living with
regrets. Those they have lost, those they have pushed away, the things and
places that have been deswtroyed by their rise to power and can never be
returned. This deadly nostalgia is like a poison seeping into enemies heart, and
there is nothing the Ebon Dragon enjoys more than watching that poison eat away
at everything the hero holds dear.

Whenever the Infernal activates Nemesis Self Imagined Anew he immediatly knows
if there is any creature that the victim knew once but who has since died and
whose death the victim truly regrets, as well as the emotional context of that
regret (lover, parent, child, companion etc). If the Infernal so decides he may
then spend 2m, 1wp in addition to the base cost of Nemesis Self Imagined Anew
and assume that role in the victim's life. Unless otherwise noted, the effects
of Nemesis Self Imagined Anew are not changed.

This does not literally transform the Infernal into the dead person. Instead the
victim develops a sudden Intimacy towards the Infernal. Until they meet this
manifests as a sudden welling up of guilt and regret towards the circumstances
in which the dead person was lost. When he meets the Infernal he will see the
Infernal as the "natural" heir to the dead person's legacy. The Infernal's
mannerism will constantly remind him of the dead person, his words will bring up
old memories, and the victim will find the Infernal sliding without resistance
into the exact same position his dead friend occupied while alive (lover,
confident, parent or child as appropriate).

So long as this Intimacy exists the victim will find it hard to push away the
Infernal's presence, whether physically or mentally. The victim of this Charm
suffers an internal penalty of the Infernals (Essence x 2) on all physical and
social attacks against the Infernal so long as the Intimacy exist. This Intimacy
may be suppressed for one Willpower a scene or negated entirely for
(Infernal's Essence) willpower when the Charm is first activated or the victim
first meets the Infernal (but not at any point thereafter).

This Charm is compatible with Black Mirror Shintai. If the Infernal knows that
Charm he may spend an additional 2m, 1wp when activating it to assume the
perfect likeness of the dead person. All the usual rules for Black Mirror
Shintai apply, except the Infernal gains the traits of the dead person rather
than the victim. While the Intimacy created by this Charm exists the victim will
not remember that the person being mimiked ever died and will treat the
Infernal as if he had "returned from a long unexplained absence".


Aaron Peori

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Building off Willows' Charm:

Tumourous City-Carving Impulse
Cost: —; Min: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Compulsion
Prerequisite Charms: Peacock-Metal Crucible

The madness of Malfeas is both constuctive and self-destructive at the same time, and all who live within him find this madness contagious.

This Charm permanently enhances Peacock-Metal Crucible. Whenever the character successful infects a victim with any of the Sickness effects of Peacock0Metal Crucible that victim is overtaken with a Compulsion effect. The Compulsion effect forces them to begin creating and or expanding a habitable area around them. The victim will work with feverish intensity and intuitive skill (increase the victims Craft ratings to 2 if they are less than that value) but no plan or reason. He will simply begin constructing walls, dwellings, paths and other signs of development and civilization at random. So long as the victim continues to work the Sickness remains suspended, it will not continue to accumulate damage. However this Charm does not grant any special endurance to the victims, if they halt their work for so much as a single action for any reason (including sleep or combat) the disease will start to take its course again.

Resisting the compulusion caused by this Charm takes no Willpower, instead the victim begins to experience the disease again. No effect can remove the Compulsion without also allowing the Sickness to run its course.

The Infernal may purchase this Charm again at Essence 4. Doing so makes the effects of Tumourous City-Carving Impulse contagious. Anyone who speaks to, touchs or otherwise interacts with the victim must make a Stamina + Resistance roll at a difficulty of 4, if they fail they become infected with Peacock-Metal Crucible and Tumourous City-Carving Impulse (and themselves become infectious).



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Here's a few She Who Lives in Her Name mass-society charms I've been working on. They're still kind of awkward and probably very imbalanced (most of them bypass MDV in some way and I still don't think I've compensated enough for it). At the very least they're missing some keywords. Still, here's what I've got so far:

Name Chaining Principle
Cost: -, Mins: Essence 2, Type: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Keywords: None
Pre-requisite Charms: First She Who Lives in Her Name Excellency

As the Principle of Hierarchy chains her subjects with the perfection of her name, so too does the Green Sun Prince. Upon learning this charm the Infernal reaches into the smokeless fire within his soul and draws forth a new, secret name for himself. From this point on, that new name is his true one. The Prince’s old name does not disappear and unless an observer has the means to sense the change no one will be any the wiser, but for any mechanical effect where it might be relevant the Prince’s old name is no longer his true one.

The Prince’s new name is a distorted reflection of the name of the Principle of Hierarchy and as such contains a measure of its power. Should the Prince decide to take the risk of telling his name to another (and it is something of a risk, for the new name is powerful enough that the knowledge of it gives the target an arcane link to the Infernal) then it grants the Infernal a measure of power over the target. The Green Sun Prince does not have to tell the target his new name personally, the name is just as powerful when heard from the lips of another, but it lacks the might of the true name of hierarchy and as such can only exert power over a number of people equal to the Green Sun Princes Essence. Anyone who hears the name after this many people have knowledge of it suffers none of the effects of being under the name’s power, and even if the number of people bound to the name is reduced they have no danger of falling under its power unless they somehow forget the name and relearn it again.

At any time, the Prince may beseech She Who Lives in Her Name for a new secret name by spending five full days in meditation. Such a desire for change offends the Principle of Hierarchy, and she will inflict levels of aggravated damage upon the Prince to take him to the brink of incapacitation (completely replacing any levels of bashing or lethal damage already accrued), but she understands that a name that is anything less than perfect must be forged anew and permits the Prince to take a new name. The old name loses any power it has over those that knew it and no longer counts as an arcane link to the Prince.

Any target with knowledge of the Princes name and under its power must spend a single point of willpower every day to avoid developing a positive intimacy towards the Prince. Furthermore any target with an essence lower than the Prince treats all his social attacks as unnatural mental influences. If the target is also affected by the Essence 3 version of Unshattered Tongue Perfection and the Infernal is counted as a superior, his attacks now cost 3 willpower to resist.

A target can resist the power of the name by avoiding hearing of it in the first place, or by wiping the memory of the name from their minds (any charm that would be sufficient to remove the imposed intimacy to the Infernal can be used to eliminate the memory of the name, as can using a perfect social defence or spending five points of willpower over the course of five days to avoid picking up the intimacy in the first place. Any target who forgets the name becomes resistant to learning the name again for five days).

At essence 4 the power of the name expands so that any target with a lower Essence than the Prince ignores any bonus from Appearance they would get to their MDV, and doubles any penalty they would take from having a lower Appearance than the Prince up to a maximum of double the normal penalty (usually doubling the maximum penalty from 3 to 6) this charm is explicitly allowed to synergise with Unshattered Tongue Perfection’s power to replace the function of appearance with essence.

At essence 5 the power of the name expands once more, and any target with essence equal to or less than the Prince must spend two willpower to resist his regular social attacks. If the target is also affected by the Essence 3 version of Unshattered Tongue Perfection and the Infernal is counted as a superior, his attacks now cost 4 willpower to resist.

At essence 3 the Prince may purchase this charm a second time to increase the number of people who may be under the power of his name to a mass of people with a magnitude no greater than his Essence. At essence 6 the Prince may purchase the charm again to remove the number limit entirely.

Society Scarring Procedure
Cost: 7m, 1wp, Mins: Essence 2, Type: Simple (6 long ticks)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Compulsion, Obvious
Duration: Instant/Indefinite
Pre-requisite Charms: Unshattered Tongue Perfection, Name Chaining Principle

Sometimes, flawed hierarchies must be disassembled so that a new order may rise to replace them. With this charm, such excessive force is unnecessary, the Green Sun Prince may remove the cancerous tumours of human society cleanly and elegantly.

With a single cutting gesture across the brow of a target the Prince brands all members of a social unit to which the target belongs with the flaming Eye of She Who Lives in Her Name upon their forehead, provided the unit has a magnitude no greater than his essence and no members possessing an Essence higher than the Prince. To resist the initial brand, an individual target must spend 3 willpower, or the unit as a whole must spend 5 loyalty to protect the group.

The Infernal may define a single concept that becomes anathema to the group. The group instantly loses any positive intimacies towards that concept and gains a negative intimacy towards the new taboo. If the concept is intrinsic to the group’s policy, then the group’s policy must change to something no longer related to that concept, though the Prince has no control over the formation of the new policy.

At essence 2 this charm is of instant duration, the brand of She Who Lives in Her Name flares briefly then recedes. At essence 3 the Infernal may opt to continue committing motes to this charm, causing the brand to linger as a tattoo. While the Infernal commits motes to this charm, affected individuals treat any social attacks to create or build intimacies/policy towards the taboo concept or erode the existing negative intimacy as unacceptable orders. A branded individual may spend 2 willpower to resist the effect of the brand for a scene, and if they resist for a number of continuous scenes equal to the Infernal’s essence may shake off the effect of the charm completely. If they are also under the effect of Unshattered Tongue Perfection, however, the target must first shake off that charm before they possess the linguistic tools to even conceive rebellion against this charm.

Clockwork Unity Paradigm
Cost: 8m, 1wp, Mins: Essence 4, Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Compulsion, Servitude
Duration: Indefinite
Pre-requisite charms: Society Scarring Procedure

It is the will of the Principle of Hierarchy that the Gods know their place, mortals do not grow bold, subjects obey their masters in all things and the Exalted falter and meet only failure. With this charm a Green Sun Prince may share these insights with the world, using the arcane link of loyalty, love or trust to chain the targets to perfection.

By invoking this charm and waiting one day for the chains of attachment to form, any individuals who possess a positive intimacy towards the Green Sun Prince may be compelled into joining a new social unit under a policy and leader selected by the Prince. The leader must also possess a positive intimacy towards the Infernal, though the Prince can select himself as the leader of the group provided he has a relevant intimacy. While the Infernal keeps essence committed to this charm, members of this new social unit with an essence less than the Prince are incapable of failing temperance checks, always succeeding such checks by a threshold of at least 1 success. Additionally they gain a supernaturally reinforced intimacy towards the leader of their social group, treating any social effects that would cause them to go against this intimacy as unacceptable orders. Affected groups/individuals cannot spend willpower/loyalty resist social attacks from the group leader without also spending willpower to override the effects of this charm.

Any member of the compelled group may spend 2 willpower to resist the effects of this charm for a scene. Once they have spent a number of continuous scenes resisting this charm equal to the Infernal’s essence they can break free of the charm completely, though if the target is also under the effect of Unshattered Tongue Perfection they must first find a way to shrug off that charm before they can linguistically conceptualise rebellion against this effect.

Any affected members of the group within a number of miles of the target equal to the Infernal’s essence become instantly aware if a target spends willpower to resist the charm and gains a negative intimacy towards the target until they stop resisting. Affected individuals face an overpowering compulsion to force the target to conform to the group and stop resisting the charm by any means necessary, automatically succeeding any conviction or valour checks and failing any compassion checks as required. If the target breaks free of the charm completely the negative intimacy remains with the group.

If the Infernal ceases committing motes to the charm the group remains in existence provided it has a reasonable expectation of enduring without mind-control, but the intimacies inflicted are no longer supernaturally reinforced and all other effects of the charm terminate.

This charm gains the Blasphemy keyword if the number of individuals in any single affected group is greater than 10’000

Perfection of the Name
Cost: - Mins: Essence 5, Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Pre-requisite Charms: Clockwork Unity Paradigm

Through long meditation on the concept of Hierarchy, a Green Sun Prince who learns this charm comes to truly understand the perfection of the name whispered between the spheres, and understands that surrendering to the chains of She Who Lives in Her Name brings with its slavery liberation, of a kind.

The Malfean dialect imposed by the Infernal’s Unshattered Tongue Perfection charm now becomes the formal and highly ritualised sub-dialect employed only by the thralls who dance to the name, a language specially engineered by the Principle of Hierarchy to inhibit the possibility of rebellion. All willpower costs to resist the effects of Unshattered Tongue Perfection are increased by one.

As a simple action lasting five long ticks the Infernal may spend 10 motes and four willpower to inflict up to one target under the power of the name granted to him by Name Chaining Principle that he can see with a Total Control Effect which costs half the Infernal’s essence in willpower to resist and lasts for the scene. At Essence 8+ he can reflexively spend 50 motes and five willpower to control all targets under the power of his name regardless of whether or not he can see them, and lasts for the rest of the day. Both versions of this power carry the Blasphemy keyword. Spending willpower to resist these effects renders the target immune to further control attempts from this charm for five days.

This charm enhances the effect of Society Scarring Procedure, empowering the Infernal to not only cut away undesirable elements of a hierarchy, but reforge it to his specifications. The Infernal may replace any intimacy cut away with this charm with another intimacy of his choice in addition to the standard negative intimacy inflicted.

Targets Under the Effect of Clockwork Unity Paradigm benefit from the joy of liberation from personal ambition. Every day they do not spend willpower to resist this charm, mortals under the effect of Clockwork Unity Paradigm regenerate twice the normal amount of willpower from sleep.
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I suck at the Exalted mechanics, but in addition to City-Forging for Malfeas (which I agree he'd absolutely have, it's just that he's not actively teaching them to his Slayers, because that's not what they're for to him; however by having opened the door, Slayers & other GSPs are absolutely able to learn said Charms eventually anyway), he'd also have:

- A Shintai (I'm guessing involving ripping yourself inside out)

- Dancing Charms, involving
* Ecstasies (i.e. invoking raptures in subjects or gaining strength from pleasurable vice)
* Viciousness (probably just making the enhanced "dancing" state compatible with other harmful martial charms)
* Lypothymie (invoking Malfeas' unique combo nostalgia-despair via one's tragic dramas)

- Imprisonment Charms


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Here are a few for She Who Lives In Her Name; mostly expanding her combat shaping aspects.

Persistent Principle Infliction
Cost: -- ; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Shaping, Obvious
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Principle-Invoking Onslaught

The violence of She Who Lives In Her Name is a tool, and she need not kill the fools who oppose her designs to render them irrelevant. This Charm permanently enhances its prerequisite. If the Infernal successfully deals damage to a target with an attack supplemented by Principle-Invoking Onslaught, he may spend three additional motes in Step 7 of combat resolution; if he does, he may inflict a Crippling or Sickness effect appropriate to the attack's form. Like the shaping attacks granted by Principle-Invoking Onslaught, the effect may take nearly any form imaginable, but its effect is to either reduce one of the target's physical Attributes (or Appearance) by one dot, or inflict an internal penalty to all actions equal to the Infernal's Essence. Repeated uses of this Charm may remove more dots but may not increase the internal penalty. Lost Attributes return at the end of the scene; likewise, penalties fade at that time.

If the Infernal has purchased Will-Crushing Force, he may use this Charm to supplement attacks which remove points of Willpower, as stated in that Charm's effects. If he does, the effect does not manifest physically, instead taking place in the target's mind alone. This use of Persistent Principle Infliction inflicts an Emotion or Compulsion effect instead of a Crippling or Sickness effect, and reduces mental Attributes, Charisma or Manipulation rather than physical ones.

A second purchase of this Charm at Essence 4 extends its duration; damage and penalties both last until the target has healed all damage from the attack or until the end of the scene, whichever is greater. If the attack removed Willpower instead of dealing damage, the effects last until the target has regained all spent Willpower. At Essence 5, a third purchase permits the Prince to spend a point of Willpower to reshape the target more directly, giving this Charm the Desecration keyword; in this use, the Prince may provide up to his own Willpower in harmful mutations (if the attack deals damage) or derangements (if the attack removes Willpower). Like its prerequisite, this Charm has no effect on targets immune to Shaping.

Reactive Opposition Conception
Cost: -- ; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Shaping, Obvious
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Counter-Conceptual Opposition

Woe unto those who offer offense to the Principle of Hierarchy; even the act of brushing their attacks aside may drive them to their knees. This Charm permanently enhances its prerequisite. When the Exalt activates Counter-Conceptual Opposition in response to an attack, he may spend an additional point of Willpower. If he does, he receives a counterattack in step 9 of combat resolution, using his Willpower + Occult as a die pool. This attack renders both dodge and parry DVs inapplicable, but deals no damage. Instead, if it hits, the Green Sun Prince may choose to stun his enemy, knock them back or disarm them, at his option, using the raw successes on the attack roll. The torrent of water that extinguishes the firewand blast goes on to hurl its wielder back; the thunderclap that knocks an arrow off course dazes the archer with its fury.

Principle of Negation
Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Shaping, Obvious, Combo-Basic
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Mind-Hand Manipulation, Collective Convergence of Principles

While She Who Lives In Her Name abjures violence for its own sake, it is sometimes necessary to tear down a flawed construct in order to make room for another more perfect one. This Charm enhances an attack using Mind-Hand Manipulation. It causes that attack to deal unsoakable aggravated damage, manifesting as colorless fire erupting from the wounds as the target's form is unmade.

If the target dies from damage inflicted by this Charm, his body dissolves into colorless fire and raw motonic flux, leaving only the Celestial Exaltation (if the target possessed one) intact. The Green Sun Prince may take advantage of this creative potential if he activates Collective Convergence of Principles within one scene, gaining bonus successes on the shaping equal to the target's Essence. If multiple characters are slain in this way, the bonus successes stack to a maximum of the Prince's Willpower + Occult.

If more than one scene passes before the Prince takes advantage of this opportunity, the accumulated motonic flux destabilizes and drains away, possibly inflicting minor cosmetic mutations on mortals in the area. She Who Lives In Her Name abhors waste above all but free will, however, and will inflict a point of Limit on a Prince who does not attempt to reuse the raw potential he freed, to a maximum of one point per scene. Green Sun Princes who frequently displease the Principle of Hierarchy in this way may find themselves summoned to Malfeas for...corrective instruction.

Will-Predicting Engram
Cost: -- (4m); Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: --
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Analytical Modeling Intuition

Through correct analysis, all things may be predicted -- even the vagaries of free will. This Charm permanently enhances the function of its prerequisite, allowing the Prince using that Charm to commit an additional 4 motes on activation. If he does, he may forgo asking a question to analyze the target's thought patterns, storing them as a theoretical model in his consciousness. So long as the 4m remain committed, the Infernal Exalt gains a two-die artificial specialty which applies to any action in which the target would oppose him; this counts both against the maximum possible specialty and as dice granted by a Charm, though applying them does not count as a Charm activation. In addition, with an Intelligence + Investigation roll at an external penalty of half the target's MDV, the Prince may gain an idea of how the target would react in a given circumstance. The Prince's specialty explicitly applies to this roll. The target's player must accurately describe the target's most likely course of action in the scenario the Prince provides, but need not provide contingency plans or responses to details the Prince has not described. The Infernal must spend one scene in quiet contemplation to run such a scenario. He may have, at most, a number of active profiles equal to his Investigation.

At Essence 4, with a second purchase of this Charm, the Prince's analytical powers extend to hierarchical organizations to which the target belongs, with a Magnitude no more than his Intelligence. His artificial specialty applies to all members of the organization acting in an official capacity, and he may analytically predict the organization's doctrinal response to events he postulates. In addition, he gains automatic successes equal to his Essence when making social attacks against members of that organization, explicitly including Analytical Modeling Intuition and other Charms of She Who Lives In Her Name compared against mental defense values; insight into the organization's doctrine and principles allow him to take advantage of the metaphysical connection between the organization and its members.

I want to do something with the constructs Will-Crushing Force leaves behind. I'll think on that.
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Heartsoul Dancing
Cost: - Type: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Keywords: None
Mins: Essence 2 Prereqs: None

Only in his dance does the hate of Malfeas abide, only in the dance is he
capable of forgeting his maiming, only in his dance does he find release from

When this Charm is purchased the character instantly gain an Intimacy to
Dancing. This functions in all ways like a normal Intimacy, except that any
social attack that would reduce this commitment is considered an Impossible
Order. Once purchased, no magic can alter this Intimacy, not even the
character's own magic.

The character never suffers an internal penalty to any Performance rolls made to

Cathartic Release
Cost: 5m, 1wp Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Duration: Instant
Keywords: None
Mins: Essence 3 Prereqs: Heartsoul Dancing

When he dances, the lord of all Yozi find his troubles boiling away. Using this
Charm is a dramatic action during which the character dances in a manner which
is utterly unique every time it is evoked. This dance takes one hour to perform.
During this time anyone who witnesses the dance can make an attempt to read the Infernal's motivation or intimacies (see Exalted pg x) with a number of bonuses successes equal to the Infernal's Essence.

At the end of this dance the character feels a great release. He may instantly
remove any single Positive Intimacy he has, and in doing so regains all his
spent Willpower. If the Intimacy to be removed is supernaturally enforced the
Infernal must spend a number of motes equal to five times the willpower cost to
remove it before he can regain the Willpower.

The character may purchases this Charm up to four more times. Each time he
selects a single Virtue. From that point forward, the character regains all
spent Virtue Channels of that Virtue when he would regain all Willpower from
using this Charm. However each additional purchases increases the minimum time
this Charm would take by a factor of 2 (two hours at two purchases, four hours
at three purchases and so on).

Dancing Dervish Style
Cost: 6m, 1wp Type: Simple
Duration: One Scene
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Emotion
Mins: Essence 2 Prereqs: Heartsoul Dancing

When Malfeas dances the prisoners in the demon city find respite from his
torments, if only for a time. This Charm borrows a bit of that protection. When
activated the Infernal begins dancing. So long as he continues dancing (a
Miscellaneous action each action which can be flurried as normal) others must
spend one willpower to attack him with a single flurry, or three willpower to
throw off the influence entirely.

A second purchase of this Charm at Essence 3+ allows him to extend the benefits
of this Charm to a Mass Combat unit the character is leading, with a magnitude
no greater than his (Essence +1). Instead of spending Willpower a Mass Combat
unit that attack the Infernal's unit must make an immediate Morale check at a -1
external penalty. If it fails this check it immediately looses a point of
magnitude before the attack is resolved (this occurs in step 2 of attack
resolutiion) due to deserters who can no longer bring themselves to fight the
Infernal. Using it in this manner is Obvious.

Blue Sun Mourning
Cost: 10m Type: Simple
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Sorcerous, Emotion, Social
Mins: Essence 2 Prereqs: Heartsoul Dancing

Those who see the dance of Malfeas when he is feeling melancholy are moved to
tears by his performance. But they should beware his wrath should they make him
shed tears instead!

To use this Charm the character must dance for five minutes (five ticks in
social combat). At the end of those tick the characetr rolls Charisma +
Performance gaining a number of automatic successes on his roll equal to his
(Compassion). This attack is Unblockable. Anyone with Compassion 3+ finds this
attack Undodgeable, their hearts can not help but sympathise.

Anyone effected by this Charm finds themselves crying uncontrollably. When their
tears leave their skin they vanish in puffs of blue light whose exact shade no
one can ever remember. Victims suffer a -1 internal penalty to all actions
except stunted social attacks to take advanatege of their constant crying.

At Essence 4+ this Charm may be purchased again. It gains the Stackable keyword and multiple performances stack penalties. The Charm thereafter requires Sapphire Countermagic to remove.


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Music Of The Spheres
Cost: - (1m) Type: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Keywords: Obvious
Mins: Essence 2 Prereqs: Mind Hand Technique

The Principle of Hierarchy enjoys all things whose order matches her own, and
her enjoyment of music is based on its strict mathematical nature. This Charm
allows her to enjoy music whenever she wants.

The Infernal who knows this Charm can produce music out of nowhere. He can have
it occur at any volume within any distance up to his (Essence) yrds away from
him. Any type of music can be reproduced in this manner, from a farmboy's
mournful flute solo to the complex interplay of a hundred piece orchestra. The
only limit of this Charm is that it can not be used to create spontaneous music,
the Infernal must listen to a performance first and then he can spend 1m to
perfectly remember it and a further 1m to reproduce it at any point in full.

Using this Charm should justify a 1d stunt on any Performance or War rolls, or a
2d stunt if the Infernal selects an especially appropriate piece of music.

Artful Synthesis Instrument
Cost: - (3m, 1xp) Type: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Keywords: Obvious
Mins: Essence 3 Prereqs: Music of the Spheres

This Charm permanent upgrades Music of the Spheres, allowing the Infernal to
produce music creatively on the fly. Any music produced via this Charm lacks a
vocal component and comes across with an oddly synthetic quality that is quite
unlike anything produced by any natural instrument in Creation.

Using this Charm the character can create musical tracks that specifically
resonate with certain tracks. The Infernal selects an Attribute, Ability and
Speciality; such as Dexterity + Performance (Dance) or Stamina + Resistance
(Withstand Disease). The Infernal then rolls Intelligence + Performance +
Essence against a difficulty of half his effective dicepool in that combination
of traits(round up). This is a dramatic action that takes one hour to complete,
or can be done in a single Misc Action if the Infernal rolls against his total
dicepool rather than half his dicepool. Once done the player may spend 3m and
1xp to memorize that music with Music of the Spheres. From there forward the
player may spend 1m and take a Misc Action to dance, sing or play an instrument
when evoking that Charm to gain a +1 die specialty in the specified area for one
scene. For the rest fo the scene the character will continue dancing, singing or
playing along with the music, inflicting a -1 internal penalty on all actions
not governed by the Specialty Song. At Essence 3+ character may evoke and attune
to multiple songs, or the same song repeatedly but must spend 1m and Misc
Action for each time a song is attuned to. The internal penalties from multiple
songs stack (and apply to any action not governed by one of the songs evoked),
but this Charm magically blends the songs into a harmonic whole that is pleasant
to listen to.

A Specialty Song stacks with normal Specialties, but can not raise the total
number of Specialty dice above +3. The character can not create artificial
specialties for either Stealth or Larceny with this Charm.

Instrumental Hero Revolutions

Cost: 3m, 1wp Type: Simple
Duration: One Scene
Keywords: Sorcerous, Obvious
Mins: Essence 3 Prereqs: Artful Synthesis Instrument

She Who Lives In Her Name naturally orders the world around her, those who move
with this order find themselves rewarded and those who move against it find
themselves punished.

This Charm can be activated by selecting any specialty song created using Artful
Synthesis Instrument. When the player does so a series of floating spheres
containing heatless flames manifest as immaterial objects that rotate around the
Infernal up to his (Essence x 2) yrds away. The number of spheres that appear is
equal to half the characters Attribute + Ability + Specialty dicepool in the
relevant specialty song, divided by two. Each flame is a slightly different
shades, from deep indigo to bright red. This counts as an anime manifested at
the 8+ motes level for purposes of interference with Stealth.

Once the Infernal begins acting the specialty song begins to play and the
spheres begin to periodically light up to in order the rythym of the music. Any
allies who see this display may spend a single Miscellaneous action "attuneing"
to the music. This requires a successful Dexterity + Performance (Dance or Singing
or Play Instrument) roll at difficulty 1. If they do so they gain benefits and
drawbacks of the Specialty Song for one scene. When the Infernal activates
Insrumental Hero he may activate any number of Specialty Songs, paying 1m per
song after the first (this Charm magically blends the songs created into a
harmonious whole regardless of how different they are). Those who wish to
attune to the song must spend a Misc Action for each song (these may be placed
in the same flurry), but at a further +1 difficulty for each song beyond the first.
Allies who gain this benefit count this scene as a scene towards building a
positive intimacy towards the Infernal.

This Charm may be purchased a second time at Essence 4+. At this point enemies
who work against the songs manifested find themselves unable to act with
complete freedom. They suffer a -1 External Penalty to all actions governed by
the Specialty Song (or Songs) until they spend a Misc Action to successful
attune to the song. Like allies, attuneing to the song for one scene counts as a
scene towards building a positive Intimacy to the Infernal. The total penalty
from this song can never exceed -1. At Essence 5+ this penalty cap increases to
(Infernal's Essence).


That Old Tree

Validated User
Music of the Spheres: Tool-Transcending Constructs already encompasses using Mind-Hand Manipulation to create music, and requires no additional cost to do so. This also strikes me as exceptionally narrow in utility; it's basically a Performance Charm that happens to be in a Yozi tree, and not a very good one.

The proceeding Charms, then, rely on this shaky underpinning.

Aaron Peori

Retired User
Music of the Spheres: Tool-Transcending Constructs already encompasses using Mind-Hand Manipulation to create music, and requires no additional cost to do so. This also strikes me as exceptionally narrow in utility; it's basically a Performance Charm that happens to be in a Yozi tree, and not a very good one.

The proceeding Charms, then, rely on this shaky underpinning.
(shrug) Its the equivalent of Phantom Conjuring Performance. I wasn't aware that Tool-Transcending Constructs does the same. Even so this Charm has significant differences (it has a lower minimum Essence, it allows you to create music without dedicating an action to it and it explicitly grants a stunt bonus to Performance or War rolls which TTC does not).

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