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[Exalted/SoF] Exalted via Strands of Fate, help requested


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I'm working on a SoF conversion for Exalted and I'm starting on grouping the powers by Exalt/Caste types. I'd like some input, pointing out where a particular power should or shouldn't be allowed for a type and why. I'm not trying to offer a perfect translation of every charm available, but stick more to what thematically fits each group.

Powers by Exalt

- Alchemicals were purposely left out
- Sorcery/Necromancy will allow 90% of the list, including some of the "NA" options.
- Martial Art styles will be handled differently as well.
- For my purposes, the Astral stuff is referring to the spirit plane.

I avoided looking at Kiero's SoF Exalted wiki, as I didn't want to just copy/paste what was there. Feel free to reference that, but please don't just point me towards that and offer nothing else.

In particular, I wasn't sure who to allow access to the mental/telepathy powers to, besides the Sidereals.
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