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[Exalted] Tracking & Stealing shit with Sorcery


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My players, shoo!

If you were a powerful sorcerer (like the Lover Clad in Rainment of Tears, to draw an example completely at random), and a person you knew the name of (and had an arcane link to) had an item that you wanted (like the Horn of Compassion, an Artifact N/A which represented the Unconquered Sun's Compassion and forms part of his panopoly), how would you go about doing so, using primarily sorcery & Necromancy? The target in question is an Essence 5 Zenith Caste Solar, in a circle with two other Essence 5 Solars (one with Solar Circle Sorcery) and three Essence 5 Abyssals.

Looking through the various demons, Zsokifa (second circle) seems a good place to start - she perfectly knows where her target is, and always move one yard/tick faster than them (very useful when facing Solar Circle travel spells). She's obvious as all hell, but that's not neccessarily a bad thing - it stops the session turning into 'and a ninja attacks you, killing you and taking your stuff!' and sets up possibilities for diversions & distractions.

So another angle would be to have a more subtle demon move into position to grab the artifact while Zsokifa draws attention. Alternatively, you could use an Exalted patsy (and the Lover does have a Lunar Exalt on tap, for cunning shapeshifting tricks) to nab the artifact. The big issue is that the artifact is defended by three very competent fighters (as well as three somewhat less focused ones), so some kind of funky sleep/non-lethal takedown spell would be in order.

However, I'm nowhere near familiar enough with what spells you might use to accomplish this, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, along with any cool suggestions for ways for the Lover to attempt to steal the artifact. Or in fact any cool accounts of using sorcery/necromancy to accomplish similarly nefarious aims would be great to read about :).

Thanks in advance!


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Personally I'd try to lure the one carrying it outside of fate, in order to make sure that no bothersome Sidereals will be influencing things.
Beforehand though, I'd use astrology to track it down and then send agents to see what I'm up against. Preferably without alerting my quarry that I'm on their tail.

After the victim is out of fate I'd opt for a quick smash & grab. Get in fast, get the item and get out while they are still rallying to get their defenses up.
Maybe use one of those demon wasps to portal the artifact out as soon as my agents have it.
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