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[Exalted] Urges of Other Yozis

Dex Davican

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Going to split these up into two posts for the sake of readability and less tl;dr

First up, Kimbery:

Kimberian Urge (The Urge to Consume)

Kimberian Urges fill their possessors with a desire to dissolve and consume and, paradoxically, create life anew. While the Sea That Marched Against the Flame can appear to be little more than a passive ocean of caustic acid filling the bottom layers of Malfeas, she is an ally of all and close friend of none, creator almost as much as she is destroyer. Her watery womb gave birth to the Lintha and their sister, and has since created countless other monsters, most of which are filled as well with the desire to devour and destroy, and many of which eventually return to her poisonous, caustic embrace. Once, she pushed against the fires of Creation, so that they would not run rampant and consume all, but this seeming kindness simply left more for her to devour in her own time. She despises containment as much as any Yozi (save, perhaps, the Ebon Dragon), and so hesitates before committing to a course of action, but once bound, it is only a matter of time before she dissolves and feeds upon that which binds her, and she can afford to be patient. Any life she creates ultimately serves her by corroding the world as she does, until she consumes them as well.

High-Compassion Kimberian Princes desire to care for others, to build and create, but this Urge is marked by bitterness, and nearly everything such a Prince builds up, they do so only to destroy later, feeding off of their creations. Other such Princes create and protect things which are themselves corrosive and consumptive, furthering the Prince's Urge vicariously. These Princes are parents that use and betray their own children, cult leaders and creators of biological weapons.

High-Conviction Kimberian Princes focus on eroding those belief systems that they find dangerous or threatening to themselves or to that which they claim for themselves. These Princes are often inquisitors, agent saboteurs and tyrants.

Some high-Temperance Kimberian Princes drown the fires of revolution, moving between social strata without attaching to any of them, while others use vice and temptation to slowly erode others' reputation and self-respect. These Princes ultimately profit from others' descent into bitterness and torpidity.

High-Valor Princes are hungry for conquest, feeding on their opponents' pain and claiming territory and resources by right of victory. Some claim to fight in defense of those under the Princes' care, but this is ultimately as selfless as defending cattle.

Some examples of Kimberian Urges might include:
-Create a guild of assassins from the dispossessed of Nexus.
-Expose the falsehood of the Immaculate Faith.
-Lead a ruler to ruin and take her place.
-Help an oppressed nation overcome and enslave its enemies.

The Torment of Kimbery:

When an Infernal who carries a Kimberian Urge accumulates 10 points of Limit, she suffers the Curse of Kimbery. For one full day, the Infernal loses all restraint, allowing her hungers and desires to rule her. The effects of this Curse are similar to the full effects of the Overindulgence Virtue Flaw, except that the Infernal focuses primarily on consumption, corrosion and exploitation of her Intimacies, particularly those of which the Yozi disapproves. Additionally, any people with whom the Infernal interacts and who have a DMDV less than the Infernal's (Essence + Highest Virtue) suffer these same effects as a form of unnatural mental influence than can be resisted by spending (Infernal's Essence) Willpower. Others affected by this Curse focus on the Infernal's Intimacies when in the presence of such an Intimacy, but otherwise revert to exploiting their own Intimacies for one full day.

Additionally, any person, place or object that represents an Intimacy of which Kimbery disapproves acts as a vector for this compulsion regardless of where they are. These Intimacies do not suffer the Curse themselves, merely the side-effects of being surrounded by people who wish to exploit them.

Kimbery and GSP Castes:

Kimberian Slayers: Slayers with Kimberian Urges have powerful destructive natures, but an increased appreciation for a slower, more painful death. They liberally spread their bile, confident in the eventual destruction of everything.

Kimberian Malefactors: For these Princes, there's a special joy in lording one's influence over those who owe everything to their Infernal patron.

Kimberian Defilers: Kimberian Defilers perfectly encompass the conflicting needs to create and destroy, building weapons of hideous power and destroying others' work in order to reverse-engineer and surpass them.

Kimberian Scourges: These Scourges excel in flaying away weakness and sanity, spreading malignant hunger throughout Creation.

Kimberian Fiends: Kimberian Fiends internalize the truth that other people exist only as means to an end, whether that end is a long-term goal or a night's satisfaction.

Kimberian Act of Villainy: Destined Vengeance Inception

Kimbery may at times seem compassionate or even lazy, but she grants nothing that she does not expect to one day return to her for consumption. She protects nothing that she does not consider hers, including the lives of others. She fears little, knowing that those who seek to destroy her will ultimately sink into her depths to be dissolved slowly and painfully. What she truly loves in her Infernals is to see them hold off on satisfaction today in favor of a more fulfilling denouement at a later date, just as she gives birth to that which she intends in time to consume herself.

In order to satisfy this act of villainy, an Infernal must spare a person in such a way that they dedicate themselves to vengeance against the Infernal, as represented by an Intimacy. Generally, this requires destroying everything of worth in a victim's life, but circumstances vary. If the Infernal has the ability to kill this budding nemesis and does not, she may roll the higher of her Compassion or Valor, with each success reducing Limit by one point--but this only works if the survivor truly dedicates themselves to vengeance against the Infernal (if the Intimacy forms later, the Infernal still gets a roll when the Intimacy forms). Every later time that the Infernal meets her dedicated foe, if she has the opportunity to kill him and does not, she may roll to reduce Limit again.

Dex Davican

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Now for Szoreny:

Szoreny - The Sylvan Urge (The Urge to Reflect)

Szoreny, the Silver Forest, is in some ways among the least destructive of the Yozis. He rarely kills his foes, and those of his lessers that die among his leaves often do so because they sought to take more from him than was wise. But those who think that Szoreny cares for the well-being of others would be gravely mistaken; Szoreny reflects greatness, and those reflections that offend him, he either destroys or corrupts into unrecognizability.

Szoreny possesses within him an infinity of reflections of the world not as it is, but as it could be. More to the point, these are visions of the world as he would find it pleasing, though every one is different. Those possessed of Sylvan Urges have visions of the world that would most please them, and work toward these visions, transforming the world around into a more perfect reflection of what is in their minds.

Princes with Sylvan Urges may come across as having a human viewpoint, but continued interaction with them soon makes it clear that the similarities between a human and a Sylvan Prince are an illusion, as imperfect a reflection as any in Szoreny's silvery trunks. The appearance of an interest in community conceals a need for unity under one vision, and Sylvan Princes are ultimately all the more unnerving because of their seeming humanity.

High-Compassion Sylvan Princes are pleased most by that which they find beautiful and sublime, whether artistically, emotionally or conceptually. They are driven to spread such beauty across the world, but their aesthetics are alien and sometimes impossible, often encompassing themes of dualism and irony. The question of whether those around them would appreciate this beauty is rarely even considered. There is always something about their devotion that renders such beauty unnerving to others, from the "pure love" of pedophilia to the "subtle irony" of a death rictus to the "singular artistry" of a person's innocence shattered forever.

High-Conviction Sylvan Princes not only have a powerful belief system, but are driven to share it with those around them, or correct those who cannot see that the Prince's vision of the world is the best of all worlds. Some Princes pursue their visions with single-minded zeal, for as long as they have them, but the reflections in the Silver Forest are forever changing, and these Princes can be prone to reinterpretations of their own beliefs, either over time or in epic epiphanies. Other Princes defy that which they most admire, drawing strength of purpose from their enemies' arguments and losing interest as victory draws near.

High-Temperance Sylvan Princes share Szoreny's patient, thoughtful nature, but also share an endless fascination with that which tempts them the most. That which tempts a person is a reflection of their true, hidden nature, and these Princes recognize this. Some of these Princes choose to embrace temptation and encourage others to do so as well, learning more about them in the process. Other Princes enforce abstinence on personal and societal scales, repressing temptation until it boils over.

High-Valor Sylvan Princes destroy that which threatens their ideal visions and create wars for the purpose of having opponents worth fighting. These Princes are book-burners, mob leaders and warlords who use every conquest as a staging ground for greater conquests yet.

Possible examples of Sylvan Urges might include the following:
-Found a city where demon-blooded can live without fear of persecution.
-Teach slaves to find contentment with their enslavement.
-Hunt down and ritualistically murder murderers in Chiaroscuro.
-Lead a band of rebels to destroy all Realm presence in the Lap.

The Torment of Szoreny:

When an Infernal with a Sylvan Urge accumulates 10 points of Limit, he suffers the Torment of Szoreny. For one full day, the Infernal and everyone he interacts with that has a DMDV of less than (Infernal's Essence + Highest Virtue) feel a powerful urge to test themselves against overwhelming odds. The Infernal and all other affected characters act as if under the full effects of Foolhardy Contempt. Other affected characters can resist this Unnatural Influence by spending a number of WP equal to the Essence of the Infernal.

Additionally, any people that represent Intimacies of the Infernal, and of whom Szoreny does not approve, suffer the full effects of this Torment, including the contagious aspect.

Sylvan Urges and Caste:

Slayer: Sylvan Slayers use violence and intimidation to draw others into their visions as either allies or opponents, finding as much joy in a powerful opponent as in a crushed one.

Malefactor: Sylvan Malefactors' visions of a perfect world invariably include them in command. For the good of all, of course.

Defiler: Szoreny and She Who Lives in Her Name have in common a vision of the world as it should be, but Sylvan Defilers wish for a world that conforms to their own whims, not impersonal perfection.

Scourge: Sylvan Scourges remove that which offends them, finding joy in a landscape free of that which mars their mad visions.

Fiend: Sylvan Fiends find beauty in a black heart and joy in the fall of a pure one, seducing and corrupting as much for a purpose as they do for the challenge. Their subtle battle is against all of morality.

Dex Davican

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One bump, first and only. Just want to know what people think, if these look good, what they'd change, whether they think I nailed or missed the characterization of these Yozis, et cetera.

Other people are certainly welcome to post their ideas as well. I'd love to get a look at others. I've seen that TDO put one up on the GitP forums, and from what I remember, it was interesting, though it put more of an emphasis on freedom and less of an emphasis on power than I would have expected.
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