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So, looking at htis a bit more, especially since a number of friends have mentioned they're more in favor of this than Ex 3E, due to A. not having thier favorite splats available and B. it's a bit rules heavy for them. we've been thinking of some possible settings that are not WOD.

One that a friend mentioned was: Rise Up against the Gods, set in the Percy Jackson universe. 1. The Greek gods in that setting are by and large about as big a bunch of assholes as they were in mythology with edits for a YA book. They see their children as much as tools as they are children, and are well, not very good parents. (filling in for 1).

So the idea was for a group of infernal exaltations to be delivered, not from the Titan's but from the powers of Malfaes which still exist as shadows from the previous creation. The only questions I'd have is how do you think the demigods, monsters and most especially God's and Titans stack up power wise compared to the Yozi's and Infernal exalts?
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