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Experienced player/DM awkard introdiction


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Okay, so, I'm going to be real here, I have no idea what I'm doing. But, well, hi!

I'm a kinda-old, probably experienced player and DM who has been playing tabletop RPGs on and offline for 15 years now. I've played some Vampire the Masquerade and other White Wolf games, some Shadowrun, and some purely narrative roleplaying-quests-story-debates.60, but have mostly focused on playing and DM'ing D&d, Pathfinder in particular.

I really enjoy it and have been looking for some medium where I can find new players and games, and a friend recommended the site after moving and new time constraints hampened my campaigns. I'm really excited to find so much content, and the community seems great from what little I've seen of it! There are, of course, two problems, however.

1. English is not my main language.
2. I've never participated, much less played on a forum before.

So hence, I have no idea what I'm doing. But I'm very much hyped to start participating - I'm just not really sure... How.

So hello, fellow newbies and older members! Could you help me on my quest of not being a mix between a headless chicken and a sugar rushed toddler?

Also, a few more specific questions:

-I'd like to start looking into playing/DM'ing right away. Is this a good idea? Should I look into more than the permanent advice threads first?

-Is it better to start looking into DM'ing right away even if I've never done it on a forum before or should I try finding some games to actually play first?

-I'd also like to learn more about other settings and systems (as the Warhammer 40k username shows, although the grimderp in it is a little off putting). Any recommendations?

I will admit I'm partially asking those questions out of insecurity. I have no idea how to actually... Well, act around the forums, so... Yeah.

Hopefully my ramblings were at least cohesive enough and not too long.

Nice meeting you all, thank you!


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I would recommend lurking around the Play-By-Post Play forum and the Play-By-Post Meta forum to get an idea of how people play-by-post around here.

I am currently in my first play-by-post game after nearly forty years as a tabletop roleplayer. I found reading through pbp game threads first really helped me get an idea of how things could be done.

I don’t think I would recommend jumping right in to playing or DMing until you have a sense of it. There is plenty to read and digest.

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Hey, welcome!

On the questions... well, I partly disagree with Arethusa.

With playing, I'd say if you're familiar enough to play X game tabletop, you're familiar enough to do it by pbp [play by post]. The main thing I'd say would be to let the DM know you're a rookie to the format so they'll need to hold your hand a little.

With DM'ing, I say 'hold off' for running a successful pbp game is quite a different kettle of fish to a tabletop. The plot structure needs to be different [for a tabletop nearly always moves quicker], you'll need to work out how you'll organise the thing [not so much 'how to find players' but more 'how to order IC/OOC threads' and so on - I've learned that the DM's 'organisation skill' is more important] and requires different DM'ing skills. Lastly, the format does offer advantages over tabletop - one glaring one being it's perfectly possible to run solo scenes on the side [to use a VtM example, you could have the Gangrel PC at a Gather, the Nosferatu visiting the Warrens, the Tremere checking in at the Chantry etc] which would be hard to almost impossible to do at a table [well, without boring the other players as they simply sit and watch].

Perhaps to start off, you could see if you could find someone about to run a little one-shot of a system you know? We all make mistakes in the first game we do [well, more than usual], and if it's a one-shot said mistakes won't matter.

As for other games... well, there's folk here who champion almost every system here. Start looking around the Tabletop open - sure pretty much every hobby-horse has been talked to death... *smiles*


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Eh, I’m good. It’s a YMMV situation.

As for not knowing how to act around the forums (And hoo boy, do I identify with that. I’ve been around for less than two years and my first few months I felt pretty bewildered.), I recommend reading the Rules, Guidelines, and Forum Notes subforum, especially this thread: https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/rpg-net-rules-guidelines-revised-10-28-2018.835847/

It won’t give you everything about the forum culture, but it does lay out the ground rules.


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Thanks a lot for the advice, Arethusa and Me Blobby. I think I'm going to try to compromise and mostly read the forums and maybe apply for a game as a player if something I strongly believe I can deal with shows up.

Definetly going to hold off on DM'ing at least for a little while, however. I've taken a look at the IC and OOC sections of a few games, and the dynamics, although very new and interesting to me, are also very different just to see from an outsider perspective.

Hopefully I'll learn how to do it sooner rather than later.

Thank you a lot for the link too, I've started on it already.
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