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🎨 Creative Explain a Rpg Plot/Setting Badly


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You've read the book, you've seen the films, now play the game based on the best-selling book of all time (first half only).
Testament. I only know this because I listened to the System Mastery episode about it just last week.

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I don't think these are bad enough descriptions. Some are downright pithy.

Let me try for truly terrible:

1) Adult fun with masks, whips, chains, and your darkest, naughtiest thoughts.
2) Exploring the universe and meeting as many people as you can.
3) The emotional struggles of teenage life in a period setting.
4) Playing longtime members of an NGO that's doing what it can in a chaotic, dangerous land.
5) Realizing that massive privacy invasion is the best therapy.


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You are going to solve all of your problems with toast. Someone will be turned into toast, and if you’re lucky you’ll be one making the awful toast puns.You’re probably going to save the world by hitting someone who wants to destroy it with a toaster oven, if they don’t get you to go out on a date with them first.

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Yes! (This one was based on a trollish game pitch to my gaming group that I wrote but never used, around the time of the LoTR movies.)

I'd go with the fantasy Warhammer for that one (WHFR, not AoS). The description fits Troll-Slayers, those dwarves who are trying to get themselves killed.
That's exactly what I was alluding to.

You are going to solve all of your problems with toast.
This sounds like Star Riders ... but maybe it's some other game in which toast and toasters are important?
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