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Facing the Titan


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Hi all !

I'm a french game-creator, and I'm putting in the public my first draft in english of the game I'm working on : Facing the Titan.


It's a story-game about Companions who will face a Titan, and possibly slay it. It's not about finding a way to kill it, it's about discovering who are the Companions, who is the Titan, why do the world need saving and how it will end.

Godzilla and Shadow of the Colossus are the main sources of inspiration.

The mechanics are based on Swords Without Master / Sorceress Bloody Sorceress, with dice rolls setting the Tone for the scene.

It's GM-Less, with zero-prep, for 2-3 hours of play.

I'm currently in the "draft part" of the project. The rules are made up, but may still vary a little bit. Explanations could be enhanced, and I'm collecting feedbacks from readers & playtesters. Goal is to go Kickstarter (to raise money for illustrations) in a few months. Thanks for reading !

Maxen M

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Interesting! One big change I notice is the constant variation of tones, what was the decision-making process there?


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The variation of Tones comes from "Sorceress Bloody Sorceress". I want to give each Phase a different purpose and meaning. Different Tones help me achieve that. The current playtest will tell me if it's a good idea or not ^^.


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After some play tests, proofreading and thinking, I'm starting to see several areas of revision appear : http://www.gulix.fr/blog/2019/01/22/thoughts-on-the-titan/

Roughly for those who want to avoid clicking or to have a summary:
-> The multiplication of tones seems to be a problem. I will see to it that their interest is better explained, and that the Titans' ones are less.
-> The phases must be unified, and propose similar mechanisms. There's going to be a review, and work on the play aids.
-> The Titan will no longer hide. His absence at the beginning of the game is a mistake. Its importance as a setting for the world must make it visible from the start, and it will be a choice of the players at the beginning of the game, as for a Fiasco setting.
-> Speaking of settings. By wanting to play it too open / too free, I risk blocking players, especially beginners in these exercises of universe building. A thorough review will be undertaken on this point.


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On this blog post, you will find some cover tests, and some layout tests I'm currently working on. Text is in french, as I'm currently working in this language (french conventions coming soon), but rest assured the english version will come soon (a demo is in the works).

By the way, my illustrator, Roger Heal, has done some tremendous work :

Thanks for your interest, and feel free to spread the word. The text of the game is coming well, and Kickstarter is on its way.


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Since the last appearance of the Titan here, there have been some playtests, and some things have changed. The above link explained in details what worked, what didn't and what has changed or is changing.

Here's a list of what is under those transformations :

-> The Setting Creation
-> The First Phase organization
-> The Company Name
-> The Number of Players
-> The Distribution of Speech
-> The Titan Vignettes
-> Transition between the Phases
-> Echoes

I'm going under heavy writing period right now, and will come back soon with more news about the final game.


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I've put up a "home page" for the game : http://www.gulix.fr/blog/facing-the-titan/

It will follow the project to give informations and will be my "entry point".

The writing (and re-writing) is going forward. Next week, I'll make available a full Titan with its Setting, as well as the rules for using that setting. You have your word to say in order to choose which one :

Which Titan do you want to see in a preview ?

I've been working on the upcoming KS campaign, and been thinking about possible Stretch Goals.
In addition to more Titans, here what I come up with :

* Playing with the Settings (other rules to generate a game setting, advices to create one, to use something already existing).
* How to create your own Titan ?
* How to hack the game in order to propose another experience (with a full modern example).
* How to add an additional "cooperative" level to the game.
* Solo Rules
* What if we don't slay the Titan ? Alternatives for other issues.

Which one do you think are the most interesting ? Any other ideas ?

Launch in nearly a month !


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Well, the votes are closed and it's Vamakaskan who won it !

The Beast of Origins ! The Trampler ! is now available in a free preview : http://www.gulix.fr/blog/2019/04/02/vamakaskan-the-beast-of-origins/

With it comes a full setting : "New World" and the rules on how to use that setting (list of Locations, Factions and Events) to generate the setting of a one-shot game.

Feel free to share / comment / criticize !

And here's Vamakaskan by Roger Heal :

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