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IC [FAE] Hope City Heroes


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Location: Hope City, Shady Hills Rest Home, Late Afternoon
Heroes: Wadjet, Fortuna

Fortuna (0 FP)

She briefly considers the classic sticking him with a needle or just kicking him in the ribs, but rules it out, not knowing what is going on at the observatory see decides that something larger than a prick is in order. Besides someone might get photos of some heroes beating up an old man and that would be bad press. Instead, Fortuna plays to the teams strengths. Blitz wasn't the only one that could shock people she thought as she pulled a cord free from a lamp and shoved the wires into the water Professor Science was laying in.

Sneaky Create Advantage: 4dF+3 5, create the aspect, Phantom electroshock therapy
OOC: That is a success with style, giving Dr. Doll (II) two free invocations that he can use immediately.

"Professor Science" jerks like a fish on a hook when Fortuna gives him the juice, one slipper flying off and hitting the 'on' button on the small TV in his room.

Location: Hope City Observatory, Late Afternoon
Heroes: Shade, Blitz, Dr. Doll (II)

Professor Science jerks like a fish on a hook, seemingly for no reason, just as Dr. Doll (II)'s dolls' lasers hit him. The remnants of his friend's life energy can't save him now, as scorches and burns cut in lines across his lab coat. He collapses in a corner between two computer terminals against the wall of the planetarium.

Those same lasers down most of Demonym's remaining fighting mooks - a few lab assistants still linger around, looking like they have no stomach for a real fight.

The sounds of battle in the planetarium end, leaving quiet and just one remaining question: where is Foresight and how to contain her?

OOC: So, to be clear: fight's over. The only remaining challenge is to find and contain Foresight. That's not really a fight - it's just a matter of figuring out how to go about it. I'd suggest checks to Create Advantage or Overcome related to finding and figuring out a way to contain her. You have a whole planetarium full of weird science stuff and you more-or-less know that Foresight (such as she exists) must be around here somewhere. You know that they planned to use Professor Science's device to focus and enhance Foresight's abilities (and, really, Foresight herself).


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SHADE [Stress XOO // FP 0 // Consequence: Spreading Cracks]

Shade climbs painfully to his feet. "Is it over? Did we win?"


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Blitz [Stress: XXO FP: 0/3]
Mild: N/A Moderate: "Radiation Poisoning" Severe: N/A

"I think that's set." Blitz said as he let himself relax. The Boy Battery was worn out and injured, but it felt good knowing he helped Shade and Dr. Doll take down Professor Science. "But not match. Foresight is still a threat. She's dead, but still a threat."

The Lightning Teen looked around and shook his head. "They were trying to get her to possess the telescope right? There's got to be someway we can use that to trap her. Without, you know, giving her phenomenal cosmic power and all that."

He looked toward Dr. Doll, knowing technology was her realm of expertise.


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Fortuna (0 FP)

After a few more experimental shocks, Alejandra hopes that it was enough to help her team. She tries calling them, hoping she's not calling as they're fighting for their lives. Relieved to hear what had happened, she is out of ideas.

"We could build proton packs and blast her ghostbuster style when she appears? Or like get her to manifest in a trap and seal her spirit away for 10,000 years?"

"Hey, Wadjet, do you know any like ancient Egyptian like evil sealing rituals or spirit traps? All I've got are ways to ward off evil spirits."

Feels like a good place to blend magic and technology, but I don't think Fortuna's really the best character for that.



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"Hey, Wadjet, do you know any like ancient Egyptian like evil sealing rituals or spirit traps? All I've got are ways to ward off evil spirits."
She rests her hands on her staff as she watches the shocking with a frown, and then nods. "Putting the dead to proper rest was an obsession in the Old Kingdom," she replies. "We'll just need to pin her down."
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