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Fallout 4 and Mods and Modding and oh god what do I do


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Vortex works and organises the load order automatically. If you want to be able to sort load orders, it can do it, but it's about as easy as a kick in the nuts, since they don't want you doing it yourself. Other than that, it works great.

As for mods.
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource & Armor extended open the door to dozens of armor and clothing mods.
Worsin's Garage makes your power armor shine.
Old World Radio - Boston and it's sequels are absolutely brilliant. Everyone needs to listen to West Vault Radio's robot orchestra playing the Blue Danube.
Bhaals Better Sorting or some other menu sorting mod.
And the one that adds different weathers, I want to say Vivid Weathers. but I don't remember offhand.
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