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[Fanfic] Recommended Fanfiction


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Thanks for the rec on Martian Manhunter, it was nice to see a Veronica-Mars-Self-Inserts-Into-Buffy. Although yeah, the last few... chapters were pretty meh.

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These authors need some good old-timey soc.history.what-if butterflies in their hearts. Although here it makes more sense if we think of it as the Adversary emulating the "fate" of a tv-show.


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I'll post this question here, since as far as I can tell the MLP Fanfic Thread is dormant for almost a year and I think this is the closest we have to an active general fanfic thread... is anyone here aware of the group Ministry of Image that has been doing print releases of assorted MLP fanfics and know whether they are legit or not? I've done some cursory Google searches and didn't find anything shady, but I've been out of that community for years and wouldn't know if there'd been any sort of scandal/controversy/whatever.
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