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[Fanfiction] Fanfics you can just read over and over


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I tend to reread things, and some of my favorite fanfics are the ones I reread many, many times. I want to know what fanfics are like that for you guys.

I'm not looking for the best fanfics, I'm just looking for fanfics you've reread more than once, or that you think you could reread many times, together with your reasons for rereading.

As for me, there are currently five fanfics like that in my kindle:

Atonement by CeruleanSlane. Worm Fanfic. Great characters, action and drama. His most recent work, Intrepid, will probably receive the same treatment after some more chapters are written. Total Reads: 7. It's low because the story updates often, so I don't get the cravings to reread it as much.

Brave New World by RI2. Pokemon Fanfic. Great characters, action and comedy. The dialogues are probably the best part. Total Reads: 17. My favorite fanfic of all time. To put this into perspective, the fist time I read this story, it already had more than 1 million words. Now, it has almost 2.5 million.

The 2814 Series by Shadow Crystal Mage(link goes to the first in the series). DCAU/Nanoha/Fate/Negima/etc crossover fanfic. Insane, with great comedy and action. Total Reads: 25. Though I tend to skip some parts.

The Gentle Art of Making Enemies by feistyslapofpain. RWBY fanfic. Great character interaction, good action and comedy and a surprisingly well-constructed plot. Total Reads: 4. But I've only discovered this fanfic a week and a half ago, so...(Note: This fanfic includes smut.)

Thrower of the Dart by Vathara. Artemis Fowl/Avengers crossover fanfic. Great use of characters and a smart Artemis Fowl style plot. Total Reads: 8.

So, do you guys have anything like that?


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Twenty Years Man by Ellen Fremedon, is one of those I re-read the most often. (Vorkosigan, Ivan centric, By/Ivan pairing, with a nice plot which lends itself to great character development and world building)


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Cenotaph and its sequel, Wake by notes. Worm fanfic. Very well written.

Our True Colors by Donnys Boy. My Little Pony fanfic. Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Scootaloo, and a slew of evocative, emotional writing. Written before events in the TV series made it inconsistent with the show's continuity. C'est la vie. (I also enjoy Danny Boy's other MLP stories.)

I stumbled across some excellent DCAU/JLU fanfic a few years ago, but I lost the url and can't remember the author. Tsk.


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Time Braid by ShaperV, a Naruto fanfic that stars Sakura as the main character... and actually makes her awesome.

Its also a sort of Ah!My Goddess crossover in that it uses canon and fanon elements from the AMG cosmology (but doesn't actually have any of the cast show up, outside of one brief email from System Administrator Skuld to a goddess help-desk trainee). Plus, its a Groundhog Day fanfic.

Its also controversial for having a middle section that reads like unabashed misery porn, to the point many people abandoned the fanfic at that point. Including me. But when I went back and reread later I found to my astonishment that if you powered through that section you actually reached the part where every single bit of that section had a point. None of it was gratuitous, all of it served further character and plot development, and indeed the scenes where Sakura overcomes her brainwashing (twice) are each ascending tiers of total fuckawesome, building up to a giant ridiculous climax where her drill is practically piercing the heavens.

So yeah, I can read this fic over and over and over.

Well, except for that middle section, sometimes. :)


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Pretty much anything by Vathara as well, but if you had to ask me to pick just one...

Shadows in Starlight A Star Wars/Ruriouni Kenshin crossover. Yes, it's as insane as it sounds.

Ellen Brand, better known for her Power Rangers mega crossover, but the Yugioh/Lovecraft fusions are my favorite.

Don't fear the Darkness

Yeah, this is cheating by being a drabble collection, but I like drabbles

In the Shadows by Ravyn

And for one of my Buffyverse fixes

Anything for Love Faith centric, Blade movieverse crossover w/o being porn or devaluing either side, and I like the situation they find themselves in.

The almost occasionally dead, but the updates are so worth it fic

Frozen Moonlight Yes, Kenshin again. It's still good, a rather interesting way of AUing the characters, and it's just fun.

Yes, it's a genre I'm not especially fond of, but...

Truthfully A "Loki gets a Therapist" story. Except here, it's not a magic cure, there's tons about how family can mess you up and save you, and enough cute scenes about Loki being a smart guy that it makes it feel a victory by the end.

And on the guilty pleasures side, I'm a big fan of the Wandererverse side stories. Yes, they're totally overpowered and SIs all over the place, but a lot of them are fun.

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Exclusive: a reporter interviews the Avengers post-Chitauri invasion. By copperbadge.

I Am What I Am: by MMcGregor. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic about what could happen if Xander Harris got a black-haired wig and dressed up as himself for that strange Halloween back in late 1997...sort of a fixfic, but still pretty darn good. I can also recommend "Defender of the Night" by the same author, where Xander got some bodypaint and dressed up as his favorite cartoon character; a big brooding purple guy with wings who turns to stone during the day...

Thirteen Days: by Bastard Snow. Buffy, Xander, Dawn and a bunch of strangers are trapped in a mall when the dead start walking the earth. Surprisingly not a crossover with Dawn of the Dead or the Walking Dead...but it is a crossover.

As Moonlight Unto Sunlight, by Aadler: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic that's...well, it's...just, uh, read it. It's not a sudden twist at the end, as such, but you do have to read it carefully.

Divergent Paths, by Rigil Kent: Chief engineer Trip Tucker (of the NX-01 Enterprise) and first officer T'Pol get stranded on a planet after they're assumed dead in an apparent nuclear blast. Now they have to survive, find a way home, and cope with the fact that T'Pol (as on the show) has a neural disease that might kill her eventually...


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I'm honestly surprised my favorite two haven't shown up yet.

Overlady by Earthscorpian. Two not very great sources (Familiar of Zero and Overlord) combined into the funniest fanfiction I have ever read. It starts with some dark and stormy night parody and runs straight for the dark humor and character development. The longer it goes on the better it gets, as incredible character after incredible character is added to the cast. Come for the Evil Deeds, stay for the deep emotional drama!

Dreaming of Sunshine by Silver Queen. My favorite SI fic, ever. By a very large margin. A young woman is reincarnated as the newborn twin sister of Shikamaru in Naruto, with all of her memories. Great characterization, great action, and a main character who manages to be incredibly awesome without being a Mary Sue.

I've read both of these several times. Overlady from start to finish at least 5, and I'll go back for individual chapters regularly. Dreaming of Sunshine is long, but I've been through it from start to finish twice and reread many of the most interesting chapters/arcs (which aren't neccessarily the most action packed) separately.
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