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[Fantasy Art] Let us collect the best fantasy art to be found on the net.


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As the title says, let us collect the best fantasy art on the net. As the rpg.net members have very different tastes, i am sure this will be an interesting thread to come back to.

I hope we will have art in all the different directions - Gonzo-over the top art, realistic art, dark and gritty art, sweet and innocent art...you get the idea :D Science Fantasy in the vein of Final Fantasy etc. is welcome as well, but for this thread, let us keep pure Sci Fi art out of it (use your best judgement).

Oh and please, if you upload pictures, name the source. That way anyone who wants can check out more of that artist.

To start it off :

Source: http://genzoman.deviantart.com/

Source: http://perkan.deviantart.com/

Source: http://solidtom.deviantart.com/

Source: Artist Jim Fitzpatrick (http://www.jimfitzpatrick.ie/gallery/index.html)



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Okay, since it means so much to you.

I like the aesthetic of flying ships.


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So no one has any mindblowing fantasy art s/he wants to show off? I can't believe that!
Constraints are a good thing.

Fantasy has such a widespread purview, is such a generic label, that literally half of Deviant Art is eligible to be posted on this thread.


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Well, be my guest ;)
I even excluded sci fi.

I think that users that are trying to help will find it easy to post something. I am sure you have your favourites?! Post what is the best fantasy art for you. I explicitely wanted a wide range of art aka taste/flavour (heroic, gritty, realistic, over the top, epic ...) the subject just hast to be fantasy. If you really think that "half of deviant art" qualifies for the best fantasy art on the net...well, it seems you have another definition of best than i do.


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There are reams of boards on Pinterest with stuff like this. I encourage others to start their own and link them here. I don't have much but take a look at this one and this one to start.

So as to actually contribute something here are a few images that caught my eye today:

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You might want to try looking here: http://thraen.minus.com/uploads The site is down right now for a few days while he revamps, adds and modifies the site. It had something like three million views in 1 week. 4Chan /tg is usually crappy, but when its good it's pure gold.
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