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Fantasy + Supers: an Unexplored Genre

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I've never heard of a story that combines a fantasy setting with the supers genre. I know comic book publishers sometimes publish stories about medieval times, where magic is real and knights wield enchanted equipment, but I mean something different here. I'm also distinguishing this concept from fantasy settings where some characters are gifted with a consistent set of supernatural powers (Exalted, various iterations of D&D).

I'm talking about a fantasy setting where the heroes are gifted with unique abilities and go about solving problems under vigilante identities. You might have heroes who gain their powers from, a blessing of the gods, an ancient artifact uncovered while exploring ruins, or by merging with a primeval spirit, or a hundred other ways, just like in modern times. You could have heroes taking on masked identities as a precaution against the local authorities, the assassination squads of monstrous creatures, or a preference for anonymity.

It seems like something that would fit - and it's easy enough to spin up a weird setting for it (just create a world, set up an apocalyptic event, and fast-forward a thousand years) - so I wonder why I can't think of any good examples of it.



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I always wanted to do this using an Event like in the Emberverse (all technology stops working at the same time) in a supers setting so you have Post-Apocalyptic King Batman and so on.
Ice and electrical powers might be more useful as tech substitutes than as actual powers.

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I played in a short campaign of this once, using the HERO System. (Champions 4th edition, which is how long ago it was.) I've wanted to see more of this as well.


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Years ago a buddy of mine ran a game like this. The PCs were proto-Gods in ancient Ireland, and the root of lots of Irish mythology. He'd pitched it as "The Avengers meet Cuchulain". From the stories he told me, it sounded awesome.

I've had a game I've wanted to run for a few years now that's similar. It takes place in the primeval Earth, where humanity is subjugated and enslaved by the sorcerer-kings of Atlantis. Things happen, and Atlantis falls, leaving outposts of rotten vampire-like overlords around early Europe. The PCs are demigods and heroes who strike at this moment, to get rid of the sorcerer-kings once and for all.

Very much inspired by Ralph Bakshi/Frank Frazetta's "Fire & Ice" film, as well as Moorock, Howard, and other S&S type things.


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I just finished up a campaign of fantasy supers. I ran a high magic fantasy setting with Mutants and Masterminds 3e.

It's basically what a lot of fantasy animes do. Naruto, Berserk, Seven Deadly Sins, Fairy Tail, HunterxHunter are all about super heroes in fantasy worlds doing super things.

You could consider many Final Fantasy game characters super heroes for the sheer sake of abilities they have compared to typical NPC folk in those games.


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I actually submitted something kinda like that when the Tiny Supers open call was going on. It was like the bastard child of Visionaries and the Heralds of Galactus.

Didn’t get picked though. Pity.

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I think of Glen Cook's The Black Company series, in which the Taken have super-level powers, but the other main characters are mercenary fighters and wizards. There was an RPG adaption a few years ago.

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Exalted can be seen like this, as can other games where PCs have the power of nascent demigods. Also, a lot of anime fantasy looks a lot like this. Fred Furtado writes alternate supers campaigns, one of which was very like this.

It's been explored, but not nearly enough IMO, and any addition would be welcome.


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Mike Underwood's Shield and Crocus did exactly this and I personally think it's his best book. Sadly I think it was also his lowest selling one so its still standalone.
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