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Far Away Land comes to D&D (Swords & Wizardry to be precise)


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Far Away Land is a indie RPG that has been around for sometime now. Its essentially a cross between old school D&D and Adventure Time and had its own system that used pools of d6s.

The creator plans to release a OSR version of the rules using Swords & Wizardry as its base. Its currently in Kickstarter here. There is also a run through the book on YouTube below.

It looks great. The art is as fabulous as always and there have been plenty of tweaks to the base rules to make it feel like FAL, but let it remain recognisably a D&D base. For example, the magic system is more freeform, there is ship/vehicle/mass combat, and training montages are still there :) I also like the Powers chapter which can hopefully allow for an Adventure Time style game where every PC and NPC has their own set of unique weird abilities.

Also, though the current Monster Cards are for the old ruleset, the World and Dungeon Architect Cards are rules free so they would seem appropriate (and perhaps even more so) for use with this rule set.


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It remains a little confusing to me that we've never gotten an Adventure Time tabletop RPG adaptation of any sort.
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