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Far West - Status?

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So, without being negative or anything, does anyone know the current status of "Far West", by Gareth-Michael Skarka? I notice it was officially funded August 25th, 2011 and there seems to be little progress with it. I do understand Mr. Skarka had some health issues back in February that lasted until quite recently, but then someone told me he was basically done further back in December 2013... can anyone verify this?

Seemed like a cool game idea, I'm just wondering if this has become "vaporware", given the three years since funding, or whether or not the designer has a history of this? Again, let's not be negative, and let's keep to facts. :)


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Then again, this is pretty much what we've been told for... what? One year now? More?
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Well sure, somehow two weeks became two years, but that threatens to open up the hornet's nest that the OP specifically asked us to avoid.

For the record, I'm not mad about Far West. I might be a little about missing other great KS projects because I am not comfortable with the risk anymore...

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From what I have heard, it's nowhere near ready. Just like the Buckaroo Banzai RPG I foolishly preordered years ago and have yet to see.


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Gareth Michael Skarka said:
He’s not a customer. Period. Here’s the thing: _There are no customers for FAR WEST yet._ There are backers, which is not the same as a customer — that’s somebody who has invested money to back a process (of which there are 717, and he isn’t one), each of whom is receiving some amount of stock of various products in the line in return for their investment. Kickstarter is very clear about this. This is not a consumer process.

When FAR WEST is released, THEN there will be customers, when we release it wide. So perhaps your argument that he is a “potential” customer is true — we don’t know. Perhaps the President will get an itch and buy a copy — it could happen, who knows? Meaningless to speculate.
Incidentally you can find more info on how GMS is doing on his G+ however...if I remember correctly he doesn't work on Far West anymore, and that's gone to Cubicle 7 outright. I could be completely wrong though.
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I paid a lot of money to get a picture done by Rick Hershey...that will never happen...so am I receiving a return on my investment?


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As a backer who has followed things closely, here is my current understanding of what has gone on.

First of all, GMS/Adamant still have the game. According to a comment by GMS on January 16th 2014, is will not go over to Cubicle 7 until it is time for printing and distribution.

Second, the status as currently stated is that it is in layout. Most backers (myself included) understand that GMS's very real, very serious health complications has complicated this process a bit, and so everyone has been more patient. This has been the case for the last 6 months, and he verified in a July 1st 2014 comment that he is still slowly working on completing layout, and expects it to be done by the end of the month.

Prior to the health issues, we seed to be more on track. On December 31st, 2013 he said that he was almost done with the layout and ready to deliver the digital version within a week. On January 16th, 2013 we received a 65 page chunk of the book, which was not the final complete file and which GMS has had backers send corrections in on. Then his health problems set in, and that postponed the completion of the final file.

As others have stated, the general frustration and concern at this point is that it has been in layout and/or nearly finished, according to GMS, for a very long time. As of June 2013, the text was done but being tweaked and art was still being collected, and shortly thereafter most of the updates have been about layout. Prior to the December 31st updated saying completion was right around the corner, we have had the following list of promised completion dates, as summarized by backer Ben W Bell in a December 30th 2013 comment:

December 2011 – Initial delivery date.
January 2012
March 2012 (Print and PDF)
March 2012 (PDF only)
April 2012 (PDF to be followed by Print)
May 2012 (PDF)
August 31, 2012 (PDF followed by Print in September 2012)
September 2012 (PDF)
November 2012 (Print - with PDF delivered before that)
Summer 2013 (Print and PDF)
End of Summer 2013 (Print and PDF)
End of Summer 2013 (PDF only)
Mid-November 2013 (PDF with delivery to printer the same day - "our actual, Honest-to-Seven-Hells, no-foolin delivery")
November 23 2013 (PDF with 2-week delay for printer)
November 27 2013 (PDF with 2-week delay for printer)
December 1 2013 (PDF and delivery to printer at same time)

The project does tend to invite a lot of scrutiny and attention because of GMS's bombastic personality; this generally has the effect of either encouraging great enthusiasm or easily making people angry. He's a big personality and this draws people to his work and projects, but sometimes he rubs people the wrong way, too.

To his credit, he has regularly updated the project and commented on it, and I doubt any of us have felt like he was ever out of touch or hiding. He is always communicating, and that has helped assuage concerns that he won't ever finish, and also prove he is not going to just disappear on the project – because he could've done so already. In a sort of strange paradox, the updates are also creating problems for him, as they often include overly optimistic completion dates and keep reminding folks of the long delays.

As this point, I suspect I'll get it some day, and its been long enough that a little more wait really doesn't matter anymore. I might change my mind if this stretches into 2015, but that is where I am now.


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"He is always communicating"
he usually says..."sorry guys running a little behind because of (insert real life situation here) but I will have it done by the end of the month."
This "communication" has been given to backers many times over the years.
The fact that he changed one of the backer's monetary rewards to be subpar after we payed is just more reason to be unhappy with him.
this is going down as the worst KS i have backed and has changed how I view him and companies that choose to hire him.


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To his credit, he has regularly updated the project and commented on it, and I doubt any of us have felt like he was ever out of touch or hiding.
As a backer, I have consistently felt that he was out of touch and hiding. I still feel that way. His communication has been AT BEST sporadic and his status updates do not seem to have any relationship to reality. Given the frequency which backers have posted asking questions about why he hasn't communicated on the project, I don't think I'm alone. The fact that, apparently, I need to follow GMS on twitter and G+ to get status updates on the project makes me feel this even more strongly.
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