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OOC [FASERIP]Guardians of the Galaxy- Dangerous Freedoms.

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Thomas Jefferson said:
"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery"
Space, the final frontier. At least it was some 1100 years ago. The 20th century saw man reach out into the void beyond the atomosphere. Reaching first orbit, then the moon itself. It was the start of a revolution that would not cease for mankind. One giant leap.

The next great leap came less than 100 years later, when 4 intrepid adventurers rocketed into space in a private vessel attempting to prove the viability of not only private travel, but perhaps even the very start of viable planetary colonisation. Those 4 did change the world, but not as they had planned. Falling back to Earth changed, granted strange and incredible powers this Fantastic quartet had unknowingly started the age of heroes.

Spurred on by the explosion of powered heroes and impossible geniuses space travel became almost a triviality. But the galaxy had a rude awakening in store for the emboldened Earthlings. There were powers out there beyond their imaginings. Powers like the Kree and Skrull empires and their endless enmity that threatened to sweep the Earth away.

But beyond even these two impossibly huge powers there were those even greater still. The imperious Shi'ar Empire. A force beyond understanding, with immesurable power. Not the least of which was held in the form of the Imperial Guard, a gathering of powers drawn from across their vassal worlds.

All of these threats and powers and far more besides checked the Earth's advancement for centuries. But in turn their own expansionist attempts to subsume or endanger the Earth were beaten back time and again by the unremitting power and tenacity of the Earth's heroes.

It is said they even drove off the Eater of Worlds himself, the implacable GALACTUS!

That was long ago...

Now, the 31st Century, the exact year lost to the war calendar, the occupation now the earliest thing anyone remembers, They came some 300 or so years ago. They had grown strong in war against themselves. No-one saw them coming, no-one predicted their rising power, no-one anticipated their savagery, The Brotherhood of the Badoon!

After the War of Worlds, the Bionic Wars, the internecine battles of the Techno Barons. The slow rebuilding, the draining grind to take back Earth from it's brutal past. It did not take long for the reptilian ravagers' unexpected savagery, their incredible abilty, and their sheer weight of numbers to triumph, and to occupy the Earth, subjugating the survivors.

By this time the Earth had long since spread it's reach far and wide, There were colonies on worlds those of 1000 years prior had never heard let alone glimpsed. First to be colonised were our closest neighbours, those we had coveted since we named them. They had been taken, and over time they had taken in turn. The humans of the planet changing to adapt to their new surroundings, Their finest remainimng warriors and some few survuvors of other cultures gathered together to fight the insidious invaders, this band of righteous rebels called themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy!

They waged their fight for freedom both fiercely and valiantly. Even recruiting those from the first age of heroes to aid them. In time they turned the tide. They took back their planet. They saved those few that remained. The Badoon grew more and more desperate, and other forces sought to exploit their weakness aand they too were somehow against impossible odds driven off. But there had been too much, too many atrocities, too much strain upon time and space, Earth was ruled too dangerous. In the end I was the only witness...

But that was earth 614, just as it had been Earth 613 before it, and 612 preceeding. The pattern was repeating itself, creeping ever closer to 616 the prime Earth, were it to be destroyed all other Earths would cease to be, and likely all of reality.

I, Uatu the Watcher have travelled to THIS world 615 here to put a stop to the dissolution of all that ever was or will be. Here the line must be drawn! But I am not permitted to take action of my own, and yet I have done so...here there shall arise another grouping of heroes, those that have not and do not exist upon any other Earth. It is not entirely my doing that has called them. But I have steered the path through some of time. I know that my position, my life, and even my memory will be forfeit, for the sake of all reality I give this gladly.

These unseen heroes and heroines, these first of their names. First of their mantles. Perhaps it is their uniqueness that can yet save not only Earth, but all of reality!
This is the Out of Character Thread for Guardians of the Galaxy-Dangerous Freedoms an Original Character game of Advanced Marvel Superheroes RPG set in but not limited to an Alternate 31st Century of the RPGnet PBP Universe of Earth 615. Home to Bellerophon's X-Men, my own Midnight Sons and all started by Bel's original Avengers Game

Below I'll put everything we'll hopefully need to reference most often. I personally do my rolling on Orokos but I'm happy with you using anything you prefer, unless you start never needing Karma to get Red results then I'll largely trust that everyone's here to have fun and not to win a collaborative exercise.

Spoiler: Show
House Rules from Bellerophon said:
** Unlike myself Bel is an educated and experienced GM, so I have faith these house rules are well thought out and in my experience thus far they add to the game well**

Advancement-You can buy straight to the next rank. Stats that aren't already superhuman are kept at human limit.

Body Armor- A common criticism of this system is that the Body Armor power, granting damage reduction essentially, is a bit too powerful, and outright prevents certain characters from being useful. As a compromise, I propose that attacks with Red results ignore ALL Body Armor, representing finding a critical weak point in its structure. Additionally, attacks with Yellow results ignore HALF of the Body Armor score. If this proves a bit too much, we can revise it, but I think it will, overall, allow for more fun battles.

Defensive Actions - A common criticism of FASERIP is that it's too easy to hit dodgy characters, like, say, Daredevil. We're going to rectify that by reducing the hefty penalty given towards taking multiple actions when taking defensive actions (Dodging, Evading, Blocking, Shielding). Usually, this gives a -2 CS to all other actions taken that turn, which can be a real drag. I'm reducing this penalty to -1 CS. Additionally, characters with a power that might apply towards this sort of manuever may substitute their power rank for that ability rank. Therefore, Daredevil for instance could use his Enhanced Senses power rank of Monstrous to roll for Dodging rather than his Incredible Agility. I'm not super sure how these changes to Defensive actions will work out in play, so this is subject to change, but let's see.

Karma - Traditionally, Karma serves the double-purpose of being both an in-game resource and an advancement resource, which leads to somewhat crappy situations where the characters that need Karma least are the ones using it for advancement. I propose that there be two separate pools of Karma - one normal pool for use in-game, and one of "spent" Karma which then becomes available to be used for advancement. This encourages heroes to be heroic, and I think fits the genre better than hoarding Karma.

While the pool of Karma for in game use is entirely determined and useable by your current Hero your Spent 'Advancement Karma' is player owned and can be spent on any hero you have played.

EDITOR'S NOTE- The intent of this is to explain how 70s Blade can disappear for decades then reappear as Post Movie Blade. In our game's rationale his player would've gone on to play Ghost Rider through his lengthy run then put all that earned Advancement Karma into making Blade's return epic.

BETA (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) Changes to Martial Arts - Rules as written, Martial Arts talents are of greatly varying quality. These range from Martial Arts A, which grants a benefit already given by the advanced core rules, to Martial Arts D, which creates an advanced subsystem for studying opponents' moves. Martial Arts B is simply an unarmed specialty, which can honestly be rolled into the other weapon talents. C and E are highly situational.
My solution to this issue is to streamline Martial Arts into a single talent, designed to get rid of the clutter, and make Martial Arts something desirable. It also allows non-super-strong characters like Moon Knight or Ronin to not feel totally powerless. I've reduced the 5 talents down to 2.

Unarmed Fighting - A character with this talent is trained in unarmed combat. They receive +1 column shift to attack, dodge, or evade rolls when fighting unarmed.

Martial Arts - A character with this talent is trained in one or more martial arts. When fighting using these martial arts, unarmed or not, the character may substitute the damage dealt by their Strength (or Weapon Value) for their Fighting ability -1 CS.

Example: Ronin with Good (10) Strength and Incredible (40) fighting, busts out some of her assimilated training on a Hand Ninja. Instead of dealing a mere 10 Damage, she may instead deal Remarkable (30) Damage, her Fighting -1CS.

NOTE- The damage that may be achieved this way is capped at Remarkable (30) fighting higher than Incredible gives enough advantages through our Body Armour house rules.

Power Stunts- Once you've done a stunt THREE TIMES successfully and it becomes "Established", the Karma Cost will be reduced to 10, and you won't need any feats other than the normal one.
This one's from me said:
BETA (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) Shields- here's how I intend to handle shields, let's see how it pans out.

Shields follow a variation of the the Blocking defensive action. A shield block is a defensive ability that uses Material Strength of the shield used to lessen the damage of physical attacks. Which in this case include Slugfest, Edged and Blunt Throwing attacks, Force attacks, and shooting attacks (but not energy attacks). But not Wrestling or Charging.

The Shield Block move is an attempt to meet Force with Density and use the Shield's Material Strength as a form of Body Armour against a specific attack. The character using a Shield Block may take no other actions but may shield others behind them. Normal Body Armour, but not Force Fields still apply to Defense.

The Character using the Shield Block manoeuvre does not attack, but counts their Shield's Material Strength as Body Armour provided the force can be physically resisted (use common sense here- A fire cannot be blocked, but a pillar of ice can). Roll on the universal Table against FIGHTING to determine the effects. The notation -6CS for a WHITE result, -4CS for a GREEN result, -2CS for a YELLOW, and +1 CS for a RED result indicates the level of Body Armour taken from the Material Strength of the Shield.

Example: A Character with Amazing Fighting and an Amazing Material Strength Shield wishes to block a punch thrown by an opponent with Monstros Strength. The character gets a GREEN FEAT, -4CS which provides them with an equivalent Body Armour of Good. The character takes 65 points of damage. If the hero had made a RED FEAT roll, the character would've totally blocked the attack (Monstrous Body Armour against Monstros Damage Attack).

I know this doesn't interact perfectly with how items usually work, but lets see how it works in practice.

NOTE- Note that these conditions may be modified by specific Shield Items Such as Black Knight's Ebony Blade's abilities. Which posseses anti-magical properties that exclusively and solely allow it to deflect spells and energy as if it were a shield of Unearthly strength
Helpful Stuff

The Universal Table - This is the primary mechanic of the game. Everything that requires a test or check (these rolls are known as FEATs in FASERIP) is rolled on this table, cross referencing a d100 roll with your power, ability, or some other rank. In general, a Green, Yellow, or Red result is a Success, with Red and Yellow Results often having some kind of extra oomph to them. In some circumstances, Green and even [/color=yellow]Yellow[/color] results might not be enough, if the Intensity of a FEAT is of a greater rank than the rank being tested. Not all FEATs have intensities; most simply require any color results besides White, which is always a failure.

Here are two example FEATs:
1. Shang Chi wants to show his father how he feels about family reunions. He rolls a FEAT, matching his Fighting of Amazingwith a roll of 68. This is a Yellow result. The Master of Kung Fu hits his intended target, and additionally sees that since he's making a Blunt Attack, he achieves a Slam result as well, sending Fu flying!

2. Brother Voodoo wants to use his powers to put out a raging fire. The Judge determines that the fire is of Remarkable Intensity. Brother Voodoo's Fire Control rank is Incredible, which is better than Remarkable, so he only needs a Green or better result. If the same fire had spread out of control and become of Amazing Intensity, Brother Voodoo would need a Red result because it is greater than his power rank. If the intensity is the same as his power rank, he needs a Yellow result. Luckily, Jericho rolls a FEAT of 92, enough to put any fires to shame!

Spoiler: Show

A brief history of Marvel Earth 615 said:
Time Immemorial*
The Darkhold, the book of sins is authored by the Elder God C'thon

3000 BCE*
First written records referring to En Sabah Nur, a mythohistorical figure supposedly possessing superhuman abilities.
N'Kantu, Chieftan of the Swarlii kills the Egyptian Pharoah Arum-Set seeking to free his people. He is killed in turn.

Vlad Tepes is defeated in battle by the Turkish army
He is spared and delivered to a Roma woman who turns him into a Vampire*

Victor Frankenstein having grown obsessed with the notion of restoring life to the dead creates a patchwork monster. Horrified at his works he fled, the Monster escaped.

The Publically Chronicled events of the Novel Dracula take place. Though they are largely believed to be fiction.

Embittered English Aristocrat John Falsworth finds and solicits Vampirism from Dracula.

Rumours circulate of a hideous humanoid bat creature attacking Allied forces. The witnesses christen it Baron Blood said to be some kind of commentary on the Red Baron.

Four amateur astronauts return from the first privately funded space flight with mysterious abilities granted through cosmic radiation. They save New York from subterranean invasion and begin careers as "Science Adventurers," dubbed the Fantastic Four. This marks the beginning of the so-called "Age of Heroes".
The mutant terrorist known only as Magneto makes his first public show of force, his terrorist group the Brotherhood of Mutants triggering an EMP in Lansing, Michigan that leaves thousands of Americans without power for weeks. Federal response is heavily criticized for its unpreparedness for the disaster. Public opinion is dire for the rising Mutant Menace, with reports of more mutants appearing every week. Geneticist Charles Xavier urges caution, claiming that "we know so little about these mutants, considering them a threat would be premature."
The original five X-Men, teenagers at the time, are formed to help give a counterpoint to this anti-mutant hysteria following Magneto's attacks. Note: the general public isn't aware that blue-furred Avenger Beast is a mutant, or that he was a member of this original team.

The Avengers are founded to combat Loki, the would-be Conquerer of Earth. WW2 Era hero Captain America is unearthed from the ice.
The Earth's heroes defeat the world-eater Galactus, saving the entire planet from certain destruction.

Teenager Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, changing everything for him.

Present Day. Birth of the All-New, All-Different X-Men. The original five members have moved on to college or other exploits, but are on good terms with the professor.


The Bionic Wars begin to tear the planet apart.
The Earth's Mutant population finally leave the planet in the hopes of leaving it's persecution behind.

The Bionic Wars are ended by the War Between Worlds as the long hidden Martians return to try and conquer the Earth.

Earth's forces drive off the Martians once and for all.

The Earth falls into isolated kingdoms run by so called Techno Barons.

The Badoon conquer Earth.

The Guardians of the Galaxy form to take the fight to the forces of tyranny

'* Not Public Knowledge
OOC: What I'd like from you:

-PM me with two elements (characters, organizations, objects, concepts) you'd like to see show up. Big fan of The Shi'ar? Beta Ray Bill? The Nova Corps ? Let me know!
-PM me with one thing you'd love to see happen during the game.
-Your character has some secret - hidden knowledge, a long-lost brother, a relationship that haunts their past, whatever inspires you - what is it?

If you can post your character sheets in here then we should be underway as soon as I've tied up some RL things :)


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Artour Capudrac was born on one of the Badoon-dominated Earth colonies. His parents worked in the forced labor camps and spent most of their son’s first six years of life fearing for his future. But then the Wizard appeared. To this day, Artour doesn’t know if the Wizard is a he or a she, or if he’s even human, since he’s always dressed in his long robes, gloves, cloak and hood (plus a staff) and his voice is strangely neutral.

The Wizard offered to take Artour away and train him to be more than a Badoon slave -- to become a symbol of a hope that would one day, together with other noble souls, lead humankind against their alien oppressors. The Capudracs, convinced that was a better life than they could ever offer their child, agreed and bid him a tearful goodbye.

The Wizard took Artour to a distant moon, where he maintained his lair/lab/library, and instructed the boy on everything, from martial skills to astronavigation, from Badoon culture to guerrilla tactics. Most of all, the Wizard taught Artour about Galador and the spaceknights, about their sacrifice to vanquish the evil of the Dire Wraiths, and about the first and greatest of them: Rom.

Fifteen years passed and there came the time of Artour’s anointment. The Wizard used a mystical ritual to impart a mindlink to his ward and declared him a spaceknight. Then, he bid Artour to summon his armor and the boy, now turned man, called the shining silver suit from the fold in subspace and was clad as his brethren of old.

“Now call forth that legendary weapon, which is now your birthright and the righteous symbol of your cause!” urged the Wizard. And Artour extended his right arm and reached into subspace. For a moment, there was nothing, but then his hand closed on the handle of the mighty Neutralizer. Through his armor, he talked to the weapon, who accepted him as its new wielder and even altered itself to better fulfill its new mission.

“Now call forth that legendary artifact that will light your way and show you truth!” directed the Wizard. And Artour extended his left arm and reached into subspace again. This time, his hand closed on the Energy Analyzer.

“Behold! Now you are romerex, the heir to Rom, the heir to the First, the Second!” announced the Wizard. “Now go forth and gather those who are knights at heart, if not in name: the brave god of the sun, the mischievous star of ice, the willful mechatronic witch and the ingenious spinner of space. You are now the guardians of this galaxy!”

Artour, now Rex, the spaceknight, left the very next day. His first stop: his homeworld, where he liberated the forced labor camp and found his parents still alive. The joyful reunion was a sign that, though difficult -- the Wizard wasn’t an easy mentor --, those fifteen years of sacrifice had a meaning. And so Rex proceeded fighting the Badoon, freeing humans, helping the resistance and searching for others to join him.

It’s been four years since Artour’s anointment and Rex is becoming a nuisance to the Badoon and a legend among humans.

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Spoiler: Show

Kaul Lokison; aka Robert Gray; aka Rob (what his friends call him)

Half Asgardian, half Frost Giant; God of the Sun (and of Combat and Weapons)
Basic Appearance: 6’4”, black hair, golden eyes flecked with bronze, weighs 650 lbs; excellent singing voice, looks in his mid twenties

Description: just like a certain fictional wizard, written about centuries ago, Kaul resembles his father physically (if Loki had gone into a serious weight-training program), and even sounds like him, but has his mother’s eyes, having short dark hair and golden eyes flecked with bronze, that tend to glow when he’s pissed off or is in battle. He is over a thousand years old, having been born and raised on Misgard in the 20th century by his mother, in an effort to negate any influence Loki might have on his son.

Kaul has a love of music and singing, and of 20th/21st century Earth culture (genre stuff). Also dinosaurs and ancient history, because that’s cool. He loves piloting spacecraft as well.

He has a love of family, passed down by his mother, and he’d love to be accepted by his Asgardian kinsfolk (both by blood and adoption, his mother, Joreid, is the niece of Odin), especially since he grew up an only child, even if that seems difficult at times. He doesn’t think much of his father: his betrayel of his family pains him.

Citizenship: dual American/Asgardian

Fighting: Amazing (50); Monstrous with weapons
Agility: Remarkable (30)
Strength: Amazing (50)
Endurance: Amazing (40)
Reason: Good (10)
Intuition: Excellent (20)
Psyche: Remarkable (30)

Heath: 170
Karma: 60
Resources: Typical
Popularity: 15 (starts at 20, minus 5 due to his father)


Clothing Change (Good)
Communicate with Weapons (Amazing)
Illusion Casting (Feeble)
Plasma Generation (Monstrous)
Resistance to Aging and Disease (Unearthly); has longer lifespan even than the average Asgardian or Frost Giant, due to his connection with the sun, and is unaging
Resistance to Cold, Heat, Fire, and Radiation (Monstrous)
Resistance to Physical and Energy Attacks (Excellent)
True Flight (Good)
Weapon Creation (Amazing)


Thrown Objects
Weapons Master

Contacts: Asgardian gods; Olympian gods; Dwarves of Nidavellir; Colonial Marines (United Lands of Earth); Alderbaran Jones (swashbuckling archaelogist)

Gear ideas

Avengers bobbleheads


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A mysterious heroine! Icestar has appeared to battle the Badoon!

Icestar is a member of an unknown race-- mostly human, but with sheet-white skin and hair, and she's generally accompanied by floating ice crystals, and grows wings to help her fly. She's known to be an excellent spy, but also dangerous in a fight, using huge ice crystals that she creates and controls to block attacks, or as dangerous ranged weapons. She's developing a reputation as a dangerous foe of the Badoon, and is one they never can seem to catch, no matter how carefully-laid the trap.

Here's her picture:

Spoiler: Show

Syla is a Skrull. She was in the Skrull Espionage program (but then, who isn't?) and took on assorted missions, sabotaging enemies or occasional allies, stealing secrets-- the normal things. But her exposure to alien worlds made her envious of the trust, the freedom, the lifestyle of these worlds. She waited, and then she was trusted enough to be accepted into the Super Skrull program! She was given a package of powers that had been developed in the records-- X-genes from an ancient superteam, apparently. That was all Syla needed to fake her own death and depart for friendlier worlds, but she had to consider her next move carefully. A Skrull in a foreign land is never trusted; the only path to the acceptance she wanted was to earn it. She'd never liked the Badoon, or how they treated worlds they'd conquered. If she became another rebel fighting against them, she could find allies, ones who would ask fewer questions. And who better to pull that off than a rebel who could look like one of the guards seeking her in an instant?


Icestar, aka Syla the Super-Skrull

Fighting In
Agility Am
Strength Re
Endurance In
Reason Ex
Intuition Re
Psyche In

H 160 K 90 Resources Pr Popularity 0?

Shape-Shifting Un
X-Gene Power Emulation: Use up to 3 of the following powers each round
* Hybrid Flight Re (This is partially winged and partially telekinetic)
* Optic Blast Am
* Energy Absorption Am
* Cold Resistance Un
* Body Armor In
* Ice Generation Am
* Psi-Screening Am (Used to protect herself and her allies from brainwave detection, and to conceal her Skrull brainwaves)
* Telepathy Re
* Telekinesis In

Espionage, Survival, Piloting, Astrogation, Acrobatics

Skrull Intelligence, Rebel Faction, Organized Crime, Shi'Ar Court

There is also a known criminal thug called Doomgaze, and a blind mystic called Insyte. Neither is ever seen at the same time as Icestar


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That's a good looking sheet, [MENTION=4541]Fred[/MENTION]!
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It's just a Word doc with a slightly altered image. It should be easy enough to create one for everybody. ;)

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Wow! The game hasn't started yet and I'm already racking up Karma. The future looks bright for Rex. :)

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OK on the wiki—gonna put the other details in there, but wove some stuff through the power descriptions and so on.


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Nice! I see you had Unearthly inspiration. ;)

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