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OOC [Fate Core] Raiders of the Rim: A Star Wars Story


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This is the OOC thread for Raiders of the Rim: A Star Wars Story.

“Cells, factions, tribes, call them what you will; they lack the one thing that would make them a credible threat to the Empire: Unity.” - Governor Moff Tarkin

Here are a few background details - the kind any citizen of the sector knows.

Sector: Bajic Sector

Trade routes: Five Veils Route

Local systems:

Kabaira (Eponte Spaceport, Drayhar's Cantina)




Talofan (capital)

Vergesso Asteroids (Lybeya system)

Verisin (Tenloss capital)


Yasilor (Palkandi Brokerage House)

Local factions:

Delgas Medical

Crymorah Syndicate

Empire (Talofan)

Hydrospeare Corporation (Design Team Beta)

Tenloss Syndicate/Ororo Transportation

Viraxo Industries

Mining Guild


Hail Tzeentch!
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Name: Dazin Teel
High Concept: Fastest Draw on the Rim
Aspects: Custom DL-22 with the Dewback Leather Grip
What's 'Respectable' Mean?
No Kids, no Dogs
Extra: MK-2E sensor droid
Trouble: College Fund

Shoot +4
Provoke +3
Fight +3
Rapport +2
Athletics +2
Thievery +2
Physique +1
Contacts +1
Notice +1
Stealth +1

Stunts: Quick on the Draw (Use Shoot instead of Notice to determine Initiative)
Deadeye Shot (Ignore the first range penalty when making a Shoot check)
Criminal Connections (+2 to Contacts when talking to criminals)

Dazin Teel learned to take care of himself from a young age. His parents were gone more often than not, trying to run blockades and make as much under-the-table credits as possible. That worked fine during the war but afterwards they ran through their stash and then some. One day they left on a job and... never came back. Dazin was left to raise himself and his little sister Lia on the unfriendly streets of [planet]. Before long he figured out that his quick reflexes and big mouth made him pretty decent at being a bounty hunter and he started to develop a reputation. No matter what kind of tough face he puts on, though, every credit he makes goes towards getting little Lia to a good engineering college. He's sure that it's his destiny to end up dead in a shoot-out, but she has the brains to get out of the gutter and make a respectable life, and if Dazin has to sacrifice himself to make that happen then he's willing to.


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Zino Daze
High Concept: Resourceful Young Revolutionary
Trouble: Imperial Warrants
Aspect: Misplaced Faith in the Force
Aspect: For the Greater Good
Aspect: Always Looking Over My Shoulder


+4: Stealth
+3: Athletics, Thievery
+2: Empathy, Provoke, Shoot
+1: Deceive, Rapport, Notice, Will

Stalk: You know how to watch people without letting them know they’re being watched. You can use Stealth instead of Investigate to conduct surveillance.
Face in the Crowd: +2 to any Stealth roll to blend into a crowd. What a “crowd” means will depend on the environment—a subway station requires more people to be crowded than a small bar.
Saboteur: Your infiltration training includes destruction of equipment and materials. You may use Thievery instead of Engineering for acts of sabotage.
Rebel Scum: You hate the Empire, and it hates you. +2 to Provoke when your target is a member of the Imperial military, or an Imperial agent.
Proposed Stunts

EXTRA (Stunt: Droid Companion)

Aspect: KD-1010, Scrappy Old Courier Droid
Trouble: Mixed Up in Bigger Things
+2: Contacts
+1: Notice, Thievery
Stress: [1] [2]
Spoiler: Show

Droid Companion stunt: The droid or ally has their own skills and can use them under your instruction. The droid/ally has four skill points (which must be purchased according to the skill column rules on p. 258 of Fate Core), two stress boxes, and a trouble aspect. In any turn, either you act or the droid/ally acts under your instruction, but not both. However, you and your ally/droid can work together, per the Teamwork rules (Fate Core p. 174). If you spend a fate point, both of you can act that turn.

KD-1010 is a courier droid, built for carrying data/holo messages/small objects to destinations; maybe a little bigger than a basketball; communicates only in droid-noises (and direct computer link obviously, for transferring data files); has a holo-projector, one basic manipulator (press that elevator button!). KD-1010 in particular has been memory-wiped in a long time, and has picked up a few skills along the way that base units don't have (while maybe getting a little degraded at some of the stuff a base unit would be sharper on). KD-1010 is associated with some proto-rebellious types, the Contacts skill comes from "networking" with anti-Imperial sympathizers and the like (not everyone the droid knows is a revolutionary, but they're probably a friend-of-a-friend to some malcontents whether they know it or not).

Physical [1] [2]
Mental [1] [2] [3]


Zino blends right in to any backwater spaceport, a skinny young man in second-hand spacer clothes and an over-sized coat. Barely more than a kid really, but he's already taken up arms against the Empire in his own way. He was raised on stories of the Jedi, to consider a higher ideal even out in the near-lawless Rim, and even though the Jedi are gone he holds some vague notion of restoring the Republic they stood for. Of course, taking down the Empire doesn't just happen. Zino has worked with a few like-minded individuals to hit back at the local Imperial outposts where they can, "adopting" an old KD courier droid along the way ("this droid actually knew a Jedi!"). Although if he thought about it, KD might have led him to his co-conspirators... Zino has a strong idealistic streak, but he's been dirt-poor and living in the Rim long enough to temper that with practicality, a willingness to do what he has to do, and take opportunities when then present themselves.

KD-1010 is rather past-its-prime messenger/courier droid that either found, or was found by Zino, depending which of them you ask. KD seems to know a lot of people, but is cagey about how or why. Courier droids just meet a lot of people, right? That doesn't mean the little droid is tied in to some kind of burgeoning resistance network or anything. Certainly not.
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Baviander "Bav" Markee
"Flamboyant Bimm Entrepreneur"
T: “It isn’t Illegal if You Don’t Get Caught”
A: "Knowledge is Leverage" “Allergic to Manual Labor” "My Fair, Faithful and Affordable Crew"

Refresh: 2

Mental: OOO


Holdout blaster pistol
Folding knife
Spacers Chest (with a few sets of expensive clothing that has seen better days)

+4 Investigation
+3 Deceive, Knowledge
+2 Pilot, Rapport, Contacts
+1 Resources, Will, Athletics, Stealth

-Attention to Detail. You can use Investigate instead of Empathy to defend against Deceive attempts. What others discover through gut reactions and intuition, you learn through careful observation of microexpressions.
-Con Man. You are a bona fide confidence man, and that lets you get a read on people, easy. You may use Deceive instead of Empathy to read a person’s emotional state and get a general sense of who they are, but the type of aspects that may be assessed or created are limited to things like their trouble or other negatively skewed/easily exploitable aspects.
-Quick Eye. The character is able to investigate a location much more quickly than others, while still being very thorough.
All Investigation efforts the character makes happen one to two time increments faster than usual, allowing him to make one or two additional rolls in the same amount of time, or simply conclude his investigation faster than he would otherwise.

"Antique Shield Generator"
-Reinforcements: 4 crew-member allies that can be summoned to the scene with a FATE Point. 1 Fair and 1 average skill each, plus team work bonuses of +1 or +2 if working in teams of 2 or 4. Total of 6 stress?
-Enhanced Reinforcements: 4 additional skill points, 1 each. Plus a mild consequence slot?

Stress: OO OOOO
Mild Consequence: N/A

(potbellied duros pilot) (male)
+2 Pilot
+1 Medic, Engineering
(foulmouthed Bothan medic) (female)
+2 Medic
+1 Engineering, Physique
(unwashed ugnaught engineer) (male)
+2 Engineering
+1 Pilot, Physique
(burly devaronian crate-buster) (female)
+2 Physique
+1 Pilot, Medic

Wookieepedia Page - Bimm

Baviander takes pride in his appearance. Though he'd come off as shabby or provincial if he were in a more civilized sector, in this galactic backwater he comes off as a Bimm of learning and means. His expensive clothing may be somewhat threadbare in places, and a discerning eye might note that they were't originally tailored for him, but the overall effect is still quite striking. Whether it's a tunic and longvest or a a stiff jacket and formal blouse, Baviander always makes his mark. This is a bimm know knows the importance of a proper hat, and has one for every occassion.

Thin, and with an indeterminate look of an adult who is past his youth but not yet at his middle years, the fur that covers Bav's body is cream colored and his this sideburns and slicked back hair are jet black. At the end of his long snout, a dashing tuft of black hair adorns his chin. His big dark eyes twinkle, but take everything in around him.

Bav is out to make his mark on the Galaxy... and amass a fortune in the process. Since his expertise lies with identifying business opportunities and developing schemes to capitalize on them, he's learned that he needs an efficient team around him... or rather than need him. While he's gathered a handful of reliable members to flush out some supporting roles, but a few key positions have proven more difficult to keep filled. The specialized employees he does find... those willing to take risks to earn greater rewards... tend to pass on after a few jobs. Terminally so. Bav is convinced he'd be running half of this sector already, if only he could find the right kind of help.

While he knows the benefit of having friends in the right places, he's much prefer to have people owing him favors or under his thumb. And taking care of all the dirty work.


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Good start. You'll get another chance to use Notice, Investigate, and your other skills once inside the derelict.

You're all wearing basic suits: just a skin-tight body glove, plus helmet and backpack. Each suit has very rudimentary short-range nav and coms gear, and isn't designed for extended spacewalks. The standard spacer kit with each suit includes a line gun, which shoots a sticky line about 50 metres, and tools allowing access to ships and interface with ship systems, as well as a holdout blaster. The sled has heavier tools on board, including a forward grapple and fusioncutter.
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http://orokos.com/ is a good choice too, if you don't mind signing up. You type 4dF + [whatever you're adding] into the dice roller. Then you get the results and a link you can copy into the thread to verify them.


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I went Orokos. 1, Llayne used it earlier so why not, and 2, it turns out I actually already am signed up for the site! A short-lived game a friend of a friend ran, ohh 5+ years ago used it (I had to look it up) and I forgot about that site since.


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I went Orokos. 1, Llayne used it earlier so why not, and 2, it turns out I actually already am signed up for the site! A short-lived game a friend of a friend ran, ohh 5+ years ago used it (I had to look it up) and I forgot about that site since.
More than short-lived this time I hope (y)
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