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[Fate/FAE] What's not to grok?


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So, to bring my rant into the world of the concrete. If someone douses my character in burning oil and in the next round I'm not dealing with it, it's because I'm doing something that's more important to me than burning and I'm perfectly happy to suffer the consequences of that action in as dramatically appropriate way possible. If the GM wants me to take a point of stress each round, it's a bit of drift, but that's not my issue. I can live with that cost, it's just a little boring. Why drift the rules for boring when you've already got not boring answers.

How about the GM take over the fire and make me fight it? Or how about it the GM says "Okay, so you're going to ignore the fire because you have to save your dog Fluffy, because Fluffy is the only thing that matters. Cool! But, you're going to have to overcome the smoke and heat and flame. So, make with the Overcome. It's sounds like sheer Will to me. You against the unbearable pain.

Edit: And I better not be picking up Fluffy before I extinguish those flames. Aspects are true, right? :)
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They might still think of it as roleplaying, might even argue that what they are doing is absolutely roleplaying, but it's not.

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I know it's been said before, but it bears repeating:

Both Fate and FAE are toolkits not finished systems. They both assume you are going to tailor the system to meet your needs.

As such, they offer you multiple ways of achieving "fire" within the RAW. You have to decide what what approach you're going to take.

Fire is an attack? Roll against defence and inflict stress. You can probably come up with a difficulty for ongoing damage, but you're bending things.

Fire is an Aspect from CAA? They're on fire, but will only face difficulties when dramatically important signified by spending a fate point. You can probably inflict stress but, again that's bending things.

Fire as a character? Cool, give it a skill in "burninating" and it will attack people each round doing them stress until it's extinguished.

All are entirely fine, as are many others. Which one you choose, is up to you.
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