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FATE + Kerberos Club= WIN!


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There was a post on the Spirit of the Blank blog by the guy who landed the gig writing the FATE rules for Kerberos Club just yesterday: FATE Kerberos Club: Let's Make It Official. That's Mike Olsen, our very own devlin1.

(Yes Mike, we totally own you. You're ours. Obviously. ;))

I'll be hanging out for this one. I love FATE, I love Kerberos Club.


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Thanks! Like I said on the blog, I'm super-excited (no pun intended) about this project. I'll be posting about it on Spirit of the Blank as I go, but I'm not likely to "go" until next month at the earliest.


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Fantastic news!

I've had my eyes on Kerberos Club for a while now, but I'm afraid ORE isn't really my thing. FATE on the other hand suits me perfectly at the moment.

As I haven't read KC I'm not sure to what extent it implies nebulous stunt-systems. What level of complexity can we expect when it comes to bringing Powers to FATE? (I've yet to finish my reference sheet for LoA stunts to be able to give my players a quick run-down of their choices.)

Happy to look forward to more FATE material :)



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What version of FATE will you be using as a base?
I know this isn't much of an answer, but: my version.

What level of complexity can we expect when it comes to bringing Powers to FATE?
My short answer is that I've made around 25 characters with powers ranging from plain-old super-strength, flight, and energy blasting to weirder stuff like mind control, duplication, and stretching. Most of these characters have been played by complete newbies either to FATE or to this particular variant, and nobody's had a problem with it. From a character-building perspective, I obviously have trouble being objective, since it's my thing, but it's a straightforward process, and I haven't had any trouble accommodating any character idea I've had.

I know this is all vague, but I'll be going into more detail on the blog.
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