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[FATE/SotC] A Saga Edition-inspired Star Wars adaptation


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Question. (Hi! I'm the GM!)

We're limiting Aspects to five in order to focus the characters. FATE uses your number of Aspects in a couple of places, notably to determine starting Fate (or Force in our case) points. 5 Force points seems a little low, and I want to encourage the tagging process, so I'm considering leaving them at ten and only reducing the number of Aspects. Does that fly?

While I'm on the subject - is that your maximum number of Fate points, or can it go over?
As far as my reading of the subject goes, five isn't an issue as long as there's a good economy going. In terms of lots of compels to make up for uses of FPs for invokes and such. Ten points gives a little too much of a cushion and incentive to deny compels, which can choke things up.

I don't think there is a maximum they go to - you can keep storing them up if you can manage to not spend them. Your number of Aspects is simply the refresh you get at the end of every session (though if you've got more, they don't need to refresh, and you don't lose the surplus, as far as I understand). They're just the minimum you start a session with. In some of the later rules your number of Stunts take away from this refresh number, but I don't think it would apply very well here.

Something else I was thinking about - how about one or two "campaign Aspects" and/or "story arc Aspects"? If you want to push the refresh up to 10, five of those could work well. There might be a general one like "Wanted by the Empire" everyone can use, perhaps one or two related to our individual stories right now, and maybe a Destiny one for everyone too.
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Something else I was thinking about - how about one or two "campaign Aspects" and/or "story arc Aspects"? If you want to push the refresh up to 10, five of those could work well. There might be a general one like "Wanted by the Empire" everyone can use, perhaps one or two related to our individual stories right now, and maybe a Destiny one for everyone too.
Everyone having an additional 'Destiny' Aspect would be a nifty call-back to Saga.


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Everyone having an additional 'Destiny' Aspect would be a nifty call-back to Saga.
That's true. So perhaps by way of "campaign Aspects" (as opposed to everyone's individual ones), we might have:
-Wanted by the Empire (since we're all fugitives now)
-Destiny (which is obviously specific to each of us)
-maybe a story-arc specific one?
-maybe another two?

I'll bring poker chips over tonight, I think they're easier to move around back and forth than beads are. And they stack. Even have different colours (blue, red and white).


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The minimum number of Fate Points you start with each session is your Refresh. It can be tied to the number of Aspects you have, but there's no need for it to be. Nothing breaks if you uncouple them.

There are two ways to run Refresh:

1. You keep your FPs from one session to the next. If you have fewer FPs than the Refresh, you bump up the number you have to equal it. If you have more, you keep them.

2. You begin each session with a number of FPs equal to the Refresh. It doesn't matter how many you had last session.

I prefer option 2, as it rewards you for burning through your Fate Points but doesn't reward you for sitting and hoarding them.

Having a Refresh of 5 is okay. It'll make people give in to more Compels and make them less bitter about Tags. I found 10 to be a bit much for my game. 7 works well to provide flexibility and incentive to give in to the occasional Compel. Ultimately it depends on the group dynamic.


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We got a gentle introduction tonight, about half of the session was taken up translating three of the characters to FATE. I think there was some hard thinking that had to be done about what the characters were really about, which took up some of the time. Skills were easy, really, and Stunts not much harder. It was the Aspects, of course.


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It was the Aspects, of course.
I would imagine that Aspects would be the hard part. You guys have been playing the characters for a bit. You're now trying to boil all that play experience down into a handful of phrases which cover the essence of the characters.

How did the portion of the session where you actually played go?


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I would imagine that Aspects would be the hard part. You guys have been playing the characters for a bit. You're now trying to boil all that play experience down into a handful of phrases which cover the essence of the characters.

How did the portion of the session where you actually played go?
It was harder with some characters than others. I didn't find it that hard, but I'd already been doing some of that thinking (like about what my character's main issues were), and I've spent a lot of time on here thrashing things out. For people coming to it cold, it took more time.

Overall I think it went quite well. People are starting to get a hang of the basic mechanics, and there was a lightbulb moment with how FPs can be used. One of the players said "and we could do with a cutscene here" and the GM said "give me a FP and you can have one" he did and we did. Several of us managed to invoke an Aspect in the short time, though there were no compels yet.


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The compels will come once the GM is comfortable with the system. It's the nature of the beast.


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Is there any chance we could get an updated first post or that you might compile your basic stuff into a file?
I can't update the first post, or indeed any of my previous ones, because the edit limit ran out (it's 24 hours). But I'll repost the roughly completed one.

* * *​

The purpose of this adaptation is to turn FATE 3.0 into something familiar to those who've played Star Wars Saga Edition, while at the same time being a simpler game that requires less rules lookups. That means simpler than both SE and SotC, and one of the primary means of doing this is through simplified Stunts.

The focus is in four areas; Skills, Aspects, Stunts and The Force.


I think Skills are really important in providing a fixed means of differentiating characters. Particularly in this little adaptation, there's a lot of "define your own" which runs the risk of having no concrete means of really distinguishing characters from each other. Here we abandon SotC's pyramid structure, in favour of a more relaxed "tower" and a point-buy system for Skill levels. This means you must have at least as many Skills at the level below, as the level above (so to have two Great Skills, you must have at least two Good, and thus two Fair and so two Average).

Starting characters (who are assumed to be competent and moderately experienced) get 25 points to spend on their Skills, which cost the following:
1 = Average (+1)
2 = Fair (+2)
3 = Good (+3)
4 = Great (+4)
[5 = Superb (+5)]

Note Great (+4) is the highest they can go at chargen. It's not possible to start with more than two Skills at Great, given the "tower". For less experienced characters, reduce the number of points, and if desired lower the cap to Good.

There are 20 Skills and they are as follows (Saga Edition terms) [SotC terms]:

Athletics (Athletics and Acrobatics; Reflex Defense) [Athletics]
Close Combat (Melee BAB) [Fists and Weapons]
Deception (Deception) [Deceit, Gambling, Rapport]
Empathy (Perception) [Empathy]
Endurance (Endurance; Fortitude Defense) [Endurance]
Gather Information (Gather Information) [Contacting]
Knowledge* (Knowledge) [Academics, Art and Science]
Mechanics (Mechanics) [Engineering]
Might (-) [Might]
Perception (Initiative and Perception) [Alertness and Investigation]
Persuasion (Persuasion) [Intimidation and Leadership]
Pilot (Pilot) [Drive and Pilot]
Ranged Combat (Ranged BAB) [Guns]
Resolve (Will Defense) [Resolve]
Resources (-) [Resources]
Stealth (Stealth) [Burglary, Stealth, Sleight of Hand]
Survival (Ride and Survival) [Survival]
Treat Injury (Treat Injury] (Science)
Use Computer (Use Computer) [Academics/Engineering/Science]
Use the Force (Use the Force) [Mysteries]

*Specialisms in the Knowledge skill are represented with Stunts. Some of the specialisms are as follows: Bureaucracy, Galactic Lore, Life Sciences, Linguistics, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Tactics, Technology. Each of these specialist Stunts gives a +2 to the Knowledge Skill when dealing with that particular area.

Languages are handled thus. Every character gets their native tongues, plus Basic for free. Then each level of Knowledge gives you that many languages in addition. Average gives you one more. Fair gives you another two (on top of the one from Average) and so on.


In order to keep characters more focused, they have five Aspects rather than SotC's regular ten. I'm thinking of three Phases, and you can choose one or two at each one (but still topping out at five). I'm not entirely set on what they are, but have some ideas.

First Phase is Origin - what species is the character, where are they from, where did they grow up and so on.

Second Phase is something to do with their life before, how they made a living, where they've been, that sort of thing. It's about the role they fulfill. In my KotOR game, this would be life before coming to the academy.

Third Phase is something to do with now, a present issue, goal or concern. I've not really honed this one down much further than that. Maybe it's how other people see you.

If you're a Force-user one of your Aspects should be connected with that in some way, it's a pre-requisite to put Use the Force on your Skill list (and indeed to use it at all).

I know SotC also involves phases to do with inter-relationships between the characters, but I'm not so sure it's applicable here. Characters in Star Wars often seem to be thrown together by chance (or the will of the Force...). That's not to say people shouldn't, if they desire, have Aspects that link their characters together. Besides in the SE game we're playing, the PCs didn't know each other before the game started. It's been a succession of chance meetings (something of a running joke now).


Rather than writing out a complete set of new Stunts, which I think is an unnecessary level of effort, I like Blacksheep's approach (and also Spirit of the Blank) with more generalised Stunts. Essentially they do one of several things (and you give it your own name):
1) Give +1 to a given skill in a broad/common situation/application.
2) Give +2 to a given skill in a narrow/uncommon situation/application.
3) Do something special, like add Health Boxes, or some other minor mechanical tweak (this might need more thought).
4) Allow you to substitute one Skill for another.

The Force

So at the summary level, Force ability works thus: Force Sensetivity>Trained Force User>(Additional) Force Training. It's three tiers of possible relationship to the Force, to have the next one along you have to have the previous.

Force Sensetivity is simple; you just have to have an Aspect that relates to your connection somehow. Not a "Force Sensetive only" Aspect, just one that links you to the Jedi or Sith or some other tradition, or talks about the Force. Neither it's invocations nor compels even have to have anything to do with the Force, it just has to be reasonably clear that it is relevant.

With Force Sensetivity, you get the following:
Basic Force-sensetive Aspect (everyone gets these)
Search Your Feelings - UtF check to answer if action will have bad consequences
Sense Surroundings - concentrate to substitute UtF for Perception, can "see through" walls and obstacles?
Telepathy - send simple messages

Trained Force User means someone who has an Aspect (no Force Sensetivity without), and who has raised their Use the Force skill above Mediocre. This means you can actively use the Force, and don't tend to instinctively do things. Basic abilities covered by the Skill (in addition to the above, which are easier because your skill is higher):
Use the Force trained (everyone gets these too)
Force Trance - like Bounce Back when you enter a trance
Move Light Object - functions as Absymal-level Might up to one zone from the character (and in line of sight) on successful UtF check
Sense Force - like Uncanny Hunch for disturbances in the Force?
Breath Control - increase the interval on breath-holding for Endurance checks by two steps
Lightsaber Combat - can substitute UtF for Close Combat when defending against blaster attacks with a saber in hand

Then the third tier is Force Training, which is for Force Sensetives, who are Trained Force Users, and have in addition had instruction in the more esoteric powers. Force Training is a Stunt, each time you buy it, you get 3 Force powers to add to your suite. You can only use powers outside of your suite by spending an FP. You can only have as many powers active at the same time as your level in Use the Force.

Lightsabers aren't treated any differently than other weapons. But if a character has a lightsaber they constructed themselves, they should purchase the Weapon of Destiny Stunt.

Body Control
Battlestrike - spend a FP to get +1 to Close Combat for the scene
Negate Energy - spend an FP to absorb an energy attack that caused Stress
Rebuke - spend an FP to negate a Force power directed at you; spend a second to redirect it at the caster
Surge - spend an FP to gain the effects of Safe Fall, Mighty Leap and Faster than a Leopard for the scene
Vital Transfer - spend an FP to transfer your unchecked Stress to another; each point you sacrifice heals them of two

Battle Meditation - spend and FP and concentrate to give allies +1 to attacks or defense for scene
Force Haze - like In Plain Sight (does this need to be explicit?)
Force Stun - UtF contest (and an FP if successful?) to put an Aspect on an opponent
Mind Trick - UtF contest to put a temporary Aspect on target (or like Enthrall?)
Sever Force - UtF contest to put a block on target's own UtF checks and spending of FPs
Valour - spend FP to give allies +1 to Resolve for the scene

Sense Control
Farseeing - UtF check to see somewhere else; raise difficulty by one level to see past or future
Force Awareness - FP to gain Danger Sense and Ready for Anything for a scene
Language Absorption - spend an FP to understand all languages you hear for a scene
Psychometry - UtF check to learn about the past of objects/places/people
Receptive Telepathy/Probe - UtF contest to read surface thoughts (or like Cold Read?)

Ionise - UtF contest to inflict Stress or Composure (?) on droids
Kinetic Combat - FP to use UtF in place of Close Combat with floating weapons
Move Object - UtF contest to substitute UtF for Might for purposes of lifting; double the capacities. Spend a FP to double those again.
Telekinetic Strike - UtF attack to do damage; FP to add Aspect like Immobilised or Knocked Down or to push back a zone
Slow - UtF contest to add Slowed Aspect

Dark Side
Corruption - spend FP after a successful Telekinetic Strike to continue doing damage
Dark Healing - UtF contest to heal your own Stress by causing damage to others (every two points of Stress caused is a point healed)
Fear - UtF contest to place Afraid Aspect on target (doesn't require words or Persuasion skill)
Force Choke - like a block: one lasting UtF roll to render the target unable to do anything but roll Endurance versus the difficulty level established by the UtF roll. Succeed and they take 2 stress; fail and they take 4 stress. Attacker need only roll once. The choke is a supplementary action so the attacker takes -1 to do anything else while choking
Force Lightning - FP to activate, like Choke must get Endurance success not to take a consequence, if fail take one. Costs 1FP to extend effects by a round.
Force Storm - Attacker makes a single UtF check that attacks everyone in the same zone. Athletics is the defending skill. Zone radius and duration can be increased 1 per FP spent on each.

Force Stunts (these are regular one-for-one things)
Constructed Lightsaber - your lightsaber becomes a Weapon of Destiny
Force Perception - substitute UtF for Perception
Force Pilot - substitute UtF for Pilot
Force Training - select three Force powers to add to your suite
Redirect - gain Riposte for purposes of blaster attacks you gain spin on (should this be a separate Stunt, or part of Lightsaber combat?)
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