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FATEing up (l)ORE.


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So, I've had this little thought experiment. After playing ICONS I wondered...could I add aspects to Bailywolf's (lite) ORE from Monsters and othe Childish Things?

Could I develop stress tracks based around stats?

Could I have people spend fate points to push/pull/squish/and expand matched pairs using aspects? Or drop a point on invoking special aspects of powers?

So far...yes, yes I can.



is plotting your doom.
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As it stands I use Fate points the following ways.


Spent a point to add a die to the roll.

Add a +1 to the with of any matches in the roll, if match.

Add a +1 to the height of a match in a the roll, if match.

And I can compell the following:

Reduce the number of dice 1.

Minus -1 from width any matches, if match.

Minus -1 height from any matches, if match.


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I tried something similar.

In my version you could tag an Aspect to squish a set up (-1 width +1 height) or down (-1 height +1 width). Or during the declare phase you could compel to make another player choose a different action.

My players didn't really seem to "get it", though I think that had more to do with them not really understanding the whole concept of having Aspects (what they were supposed to do and when they could use them), than the squishing/compelling mechanic per say.
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