Favorite 2e Exalted character types

What are your favorite Exalted 2e splats to play?

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Back in 2008, I started this poll on favorite Exalted splats.

Infernals have come out since then and aren't in the list, and I'm tired of having to do set union for the DB types, so time for another version! Also I'll be mean to 1e Sidereals and specify that this is about current, 2e, post-errata so-far splats.

"Mortals" includes simple heroic, enlightened, and God-etc.-Blooded.

Note: approval voting. Question applies to what you like to play, or your group does, or you'd like to play, as feels appropriate; this will lack resolution.


Does the math.
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Dragonblooded, God-Blooded (not on the list), mortals (Heroic or Enlightened).
I was including God-Blooded with mortals; see the OP.

Which makes mortals as popular as Infernals now, heh.

Man, specifying 2e really kills the Sidereal love; they were 20% of the older, more inclusive poll.
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