Favorite 2e Exalted character types

What are your favorite Exalted 2e splats to play?

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I was including God-Blooded with mortals; see the OP.

Which makes mortals as popular as Infernals now, heh.

Man, specifying 2e really kills the Sidereal love; they were 20% of the older, more inclusive poll.
Well, yeah, in 1e Sidereals had the best designed charmset. Now they just have a charmset that sucks, although at least after the errata all the charms at least seem to do *something*.

Jon Chung

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PoH did a decent job. They're certainly playable in 2E, if not ideally so.

Ignore the actual published book, of course.


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Yeah, we definitely have tiers. Solars; DBs; Lunars Sidereals Infernals; almost everyone else; fallen races.

I'm more surprised by the Sidereals. But I guess for all the mechanical griping in RPG.net threads, there's a lot of people who are happy to play fate ninja bureaucrats, even if they're mechanically flawed fate ninja bureaucrats.

Also surprised by how unpopular the Abyssals are. They're basically tied with mortals and Fair Folk.

Femme Firebird

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Sidereals are my favorite. One of my dream scenes is to be playing a Sidereal master of Prismatic Arrangement of Creation style and use its full power to combat some horrifically powerful threat in single combat, in a desperate, heroic struggle.

A close second are Lunars, because I can get my oWoD Fera fix... like, basically all the Fera in a single character. :D Though I mostly want to play my Mokolé character again, what with Tyrant Lizard form and a few extra tricks. :)

I want to try Dragon Kings and Fair Folk, too.
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