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Favorite OGL System?


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I'm not entirely sure it qualifies, but I really like the Lone Wolf game. It's the only OGL/d20 game that I would be willing to run pretty much as is. I'm a huge fan of houserules and tweaking and unlike every other game, when I read it I thought, "Yeah, I'd be willing tun this straight up." Not even convert it over to C&C, despite my usual preferences (for rules-lighter games in general).

The classes are nicely themed and flavorful, they get various powers that increase over the course of the character's development, and I thought the burning of Endurance (Lone Wolf's rename of Hit Points) to power things a fine approach for the game. You really can just run the game with the one book, although if you decide to buy the "rest of the line" it's only a couple of other books and an adventure.

Blue Rose seemed pretty groovy. I don't know if I'd really go for the True20 version though.


I'm Rolpunk, bitches
C&C, but OGL Conan is pretty nice, just a bit too tactical-crunchy for my taste.
Heh, the fact that Joe said "not easily compatible with D&D" is the only reason I didn't put C&C down. Otherwise, it's the #1 for me.

Although as I think about it... Spirit of the Century is an OGL game. It'd also be an interesting challenge to set up a method of fairly consistent conversion between d20 and SotC. There's a few folks scattered around that are working at some sort of an Eberron to SotC conversion, but not much has really happened on that front. Of course, there was an article talking about how to convert Fudge to d20 here: http://www.fudgefactor.org/2005/10/converting-d20-based-skills-to-fudge.html SotC has drifted a fair amount off of "baseline" Fudge, but it'd still probably be of at least some use. It would also still be something of a challenge I think.

If SotC does count, then it's a lot trickier to pick. Lone Wolf would have to drop to third for me, but I'd be hard-pressed to pick between SotC and C&C. The deciding factor would probably be, what's the group really after. If they're looking for a dungeon crawl kinda thing or they're a group that just wants to stick with what they know and not have to worry about learning a bunch of new rules, they're probably going to be more comfortable with C&C. Also, if there's a desire for modules to be used and so forth, C&C is going to win on that front. On the other hand, SotC satisfies my ideas of what I'd like in terms of mechanical gee-gaws for players, mechanical support for things I think are important, while still maintaining a relatively low overhead for rule complexity. I'm not as into the 1920's as a pulp setting thing like a number of people are, but I like the _style_ of pulp stuff. So Eberron and Secret of Zir'An are top of the list for things I think would be an interesting conversion for SotC, and there's a little voice that says Feng Shui might not be too hard to pull of either.

For me, I either want something that blends really beautifully with the background, and makes an effort to integrate the two together (like Lone Wolf does, and like it seems Blue Rose does), or I want something where the rules are extremely flexible and I can bend and twist it for a variety of games. C&C and SotC have that flexibility I'm after. Of course, this _is_ on the OGL side of things. On the non-OGL side of things, I've got a couple of other favorites. :D


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Now I would say that it's a tie between Fudge and the Action System. The Action System could have been a contender if it hadn't been abandoned by its owner/creators.
Shouldn't Open Core be taking that mantle now? Ya know, you being one of the designers and all....

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