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[Feng Shui] Feng Shui Variants


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Over on the thread concerning the return of Feng Shui, people were talking about changes they'd like Atlas and Atomic Overmind to make to the game.

During the discussion, TrippyHippy and Asclepios were talking about alternate stat schemes for the game, and Asclepios mentioned a house-ruled version of the game that he played several years ago. It basically went down like this:

In our house-rule game we stripped it down to Qing (body), Shen (mind) and Qi. Body was your combat AV, Shen was your initiative stat and Qi was your power pool.
We started each stat at 10 for PCs and named characters, and at 5 for Mooks, and gave all characters 10 points to add wherever they liked, to a max of 15 in any one of the three stats. Qing cost 2 for 1, as it was more useful.
We then added "skills" which were one-word descriptors that you either had or hadn't. With that stat you could use your attributes towards that task or set of special effects. Players always had at least one skill that let them fight, like Martial Arts or Firearms or Magic, but these were treated as functionally identical in play in that you still used the AV.
Every player had five Shticks, off a revised list, and the Shtick trees you could access was determined by the skills you chose.

That was more or less it.
I quite liked this little variant, and I've gotten quite curious about what other Feng Shui variants people have developed or come up with.

I know about World of Kewlness, Starfox's Action rules, and Kiero's various system hacks, but I'm curious to see what other people have come up with, and what they've done with and to the system in general.


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Another thing out resident Feng Shui GM did was make complete games for Star Wars Jedi and for the Matrix, each with their own systems but with the +/-D6 and shtick trees at the core.

Star Wars was quite a good fit, being a heroic martial arts action movie at its core. Replace Fu Shticks with Force Shticks, and you're halfway there.


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The last time I ran Feng Shui I ran it completely player facing, meaning that the players made all the die rolls. When attacking they rolled normally and when they defended they rolled defence. Worked very well. Better than the normal way because (for me the GM) it was easier to administrate the math: I would tell them the difficulty when they needed to roll when defending, they would tell me how much they failed with, I would add this to the base damage and they would subtract their own toughness and note damage. This flowed much better for me than rolling attack, adding combat value, telling the player the result, he reminding me how what his defence is, me subtracting the defence from the attack value, adding damage and telling him the total.

Might seem like a small thing, but for me it was a huge improvement.
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