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Final Fantasy oracle


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I was wondering if any final fantasy fans around here can help me with common motifs of the games. I'm trying for 100. Here's the first 33.

1) An airship speeds through the sky, its captain charged with a dangerous mission.
2) An isolated community of mages finds itself besieged by forces from the outside world.
3) An empire marches on, its troops conquering city after city.
4) A resistance movement strikes back against the conquerers, lead by a young woman thrust to the forefront by fate.
5) A poisoned monarch slumbers - the kingdom shudders from attacks without and treachery within.
6) Those in power are not what they seem - they have been replaced by dopplegangers and fill the ranks with their minions.
7) Plumbing ancient ruins, explorers find a powerful relic of an advanced society.
8) Beneath the city, sewers provide a conduit into the enemy castle.
9) A throng of monsters are released from their prison, terrorizing the countryside.
10) A madman has seized great magical power and rules with fear.
11) The king's strongest knight turns away from his lord, joining the forces that oppose him.
12) Love and duty are at war in the heart of a powerful warrior.
13) A tense meeting between two ships - exchange, and treachery.
14) Ancient technology is awakened, using deadly force in an attempt to save its long-dead masters.
15) Kids run through the city corner.
16) At the bridge, the party makes their stand.
17) An earthquake reopens the path to a long-hidden land.
18) New allies are discovered, though they too are beseiged.
19) A daring rescue is planned.
20) A crystal, conduit of great magic, is stolen from its rightful keeper.
21) Great spirits are forced into servitude by strange, new magic.
22) The forces of nature strike back against the defilers.
23) A cosmic event presages doom, or a new opportunity for the cunning.
24) A vast tower, lonely in the desert, will soon be breached.
25) Dark acolytes vie for the confidence of their great master.
26) A dragon guards the pass.
27) The plan has already been betrayed to the enemy.
28) A hero is imprisoned and beaten for choosing the right path.
29) A hypnotized thrall struggles against his bonds, but continues to do his master's bidding and assaults his former friends.
30) Monsters await beneath the ruins.
31) A ghost visits one who yearns, giving crucial advice and bolstering their heart.
32) A man discovers his strange heritage and finds himself torn between two worlds.
33) The path to escape leads over the waterfall.


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I don't know exactly how common these are, but here are ten that jumped in my mind when I thought of Final Fantasy.

1) Scientific progress advances at the cost of the planet's essence.
2) A fantastic new kind of ship is designed to travel to the moon, where the key to saving our world lies.
3) Our hero realizes he doesn't know as much about his own history as he believed.
4) A squad of knights mounted on chocobos raise their swords as they charge into battle.
5) A hero sacrifices his life so his true love can complete the mission.
6) The scientist responsible for a plan that could very likely destroy the world goes forward because he truly believes it is the only way to save it.
7) A formation of black mages focus their magical energies to rain down meteors on the enemy.
8) The heroes blame themselves for the destruction of the city, and vow that no other will suffer the same wrath.
9) The summoner stands in awe at an incredible Esper her foe has called to destroy her.
10) An unwilling bride prepares to marry the evil prince to stop the war while secretly hoping her brave friends will rescue her.
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