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[Flint, Michigan or Oxford, Michigan]

The Radioactivist

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Hey all,

I've started working in Flint, Michigan, commuting from the Oxford and Lake Orion area. I'm seeking to GM or join with a gaming group in Flint to play after work.

Want to GM:
1. post-apocalyptic sci-fantasy (Gamma World, etc)
2. science fiction - Traveller or Star Frontiers or a mashup
3. fantasy

My go-to systems are Savage Worlds (for everything above), Traveller, and D&D Next

Want to Play In: anything

I'm looking to play with mature (21+), preferably professionals who can commit to showing up once or twice per evening weekend, depending on schedule. Possibly weekend night I'm open to as well.

Please drop me a message through rpg.net and we will connect.
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