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For fans of good quality cartoons a la MLP and Gravity Falls: Star vs the Forces of Evil.[merged]


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That we know of.
Yes if you desperately need to take a Watsonian perspective. But at the end of the day no, no untold millions of species that all depends on magic died out because none of them were put in to the story (that one guy aside, I'll give you him) and therefor don't exist
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I'm definitely headcannoning it that Star and Marco created the seed of a new realm of magic by choosing to stay in the realm together as it was destroyed.

And that dealing with the new magic and it's rules is what they do on their continuing adventures on Mewrth


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I still headcanon that what they destroyed was basically Glossaryk's secret stash of magic that he let the Mewman's use.

I keep coming back to it, but its basically the PG Equivalent to the Sunwell from Warcraft.
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