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[For Fun]Casting for a Gender Swapped Remake of Flash Gordon


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Ok, so Spun off from this post in the Star Trek Discovery thread, Fan casting for a Shot for Shot Remake of the 1983 Flash Gordon Movie, with all the rolls Gender Swapped.

So far nominated:

Michelle Yeoh as Ming the Merciless (She pretty much already doing this roll in Trek, and she's shown she can chew scenery with the best of them)

From Agamemnon2 We have nominated Gina Carano as Flash.

I'd like to nominate Miriam Margolyes as Vultan...

Any more suggestions?


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I was thinking Gina Torres as Flash.

Kate McKinnon as Doctor Hanna Zarkov.
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Kate McKinnon is a genius pick.

How about Brie Larson as Flash? She has personality and action chops.

How about Eva Green as Ming the Merciless?

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There is absolutely nothing about this thread that is not pure fracking awesome.


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Helen Mirren as Ming.

Eva Green as Princess Baron.

Sophie Okonado as Vultan.


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But what about the soundtrack? Who's got the grand sense of bombast to live up to the Queen classic?

For whatever reason, Heart comes to mind, just for the vocal chops-- but their sound strikes me as just a hair too gritty, maybe? Not quite 'big' enough, maybe?
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