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🎨 Creative Fragglepunk: Doozer Mecha - What would it be like?


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As far as design sense goes you could look at the Doozers show that's been in inn the last couple of years. Expect cutesy buggish designs.


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Another take:
Attack on Fraggle

The Walls are falling, one after the other. The onslaught of the terryfing, always hungry Fraggles has started. They are huge, dangerous, deadly even, carelessly swallowing Doozers in their greed and destructive hunger. The usual tools of war do not function, the drillbits do not bite, the saws do not cut. Only a select few can pilot the feared Doozer Mechas, to face off against these terrifying titans...

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Every time I see the name of the game “Fragged: Dieselpunk Mecha”, my brain has transformed the words into “Fragglepunk”, and lately also “Doozer Mecha”.

Please help me out here. What sort of game could be built on that foundation?

(No idea if anyone has done a punk cover of the Fraggle Rock theme, let alone any of my favorite songs from the show (“Walking Talking Breathing Ball of Fire” is awesome, would weep real tears to hear Cantus the Minstrel’s “Seek Your Heart” which has become a family anthem, etc.), but am interested.)
Perhaps we should consult the "All Knowing Trash Heap"...
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