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The Notary laughs. "That depends on the personality of the person watering. Some hunker down and drink their own brew, others visit their friends either with a smallcask to hand or to open the one at their destination. Tünde does this event to remind everyone that the Inn is there and that she has one of the best brewmasters in the area. Now that the harvest is done, people are turning their minds to the winter and the long night of drinking ahead, and many have timed their brews so that the first batches mature now, when there's time to enjoy them."

"It's crafty marketing, on Tünde's part, because this has become a treasured social event for the town, but she knows that the brew she's sharing about will only be matched or surpassed by a very small number of household ales, and nobody is able to brew in the quantities that the Inn does, so when people have grown tired of their own product, she can be certain they'll turn up at the Inn."

"Many use this night to discover who is working on brews that match their particular tastes, and use these discoveries to determine who will be their closest friends over the winter. That might be a strategy for you; your patronage would bring prestige to someone's home, and you'd be certain of being kept well-fed during your stay."

"Perhaps it would, but favoritism so often brooks jealously in those not chosen for special treatment. The key is to make friends with those who are most likely to speak in confidence, and make enemies of those who would tell you much with their ranting and threats. Good enemies are nearly as important as good friends, after all. Still, better to have more of the latter than the former. Might you be able to point me in the direction of one who has both good beer and good sense?"

OOC: Negotiate: 2d6 7
I think it's a bit much to spend 3 Cunning to get this to a 10, so I'll let it stand.

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Lukacs, you have a good time and make a number of friends amongst the canine and feline population of the town. The townsfolk see a human side to you, and you see a human side to them.

In the course of the evening, three people emerge as folks you have a mutual friendly connection to:
  • Hannes Wolfson is the drink-loving son of the Carpenter who joined the street party at the first stop. Like his father, he is also a carpenter, but he confesses that he is a poor one. He has medium-red skin, is missing an ear, and carries a carpentry hammer at his belt like other men carry a knife. What kinship do you see in him?

He reminds me of myself when younger. Lukacs wasn't a carpenter's son, he was a mason's son, who wasn't that great at masonry, which is why he ended up in the army instead, and specialised in attacking fortifications since he knew a few things at least.

  • Fabio Huber has light-yellow skin, an athlete's body, a sour face, and is constantly blinking. He's dressed in a homemade uniform of greys and blues, with a dormouse fur cap. A knife stuck in an age-blackened sheath clotted with dried blood hangs on a thong around his neck. He tells you that he's a soldier in the Army of Glory and that he knows the true history of the Bridge Spirit. He also speaks fondly of his lover, Liliian, who resides across the mountain in the next valley. It's apparent to you early on that he's the Town's Uncle, or fool, but you treating him as you've been treating the cats and dogs of the town earns his loyalty and grudging respect from some of the townsfolk. Do you 'befriend' him as a calculation, for effect, or is there something about him that touches or intrigues you?
Every village has its uncle, and Lukacs' was no exception. He befriended Tomas when he was a small child (Tomas being in his mid 20s at that point, but with about the same mental age) as they enjoyed getting into scrapes together. Lukacs has always had a soft spot for the simple (uncharitably, he thinks of them with the same warmth as he does cats and dogs) and is a little protective, since he's seen how they can be bullied. Lukacs does not like bullies.

  • The Town Doctor, Ivana Glaser, is the other person who takes a shine to you. She's a fat woman, with bags under her eyes beneath her spectacles. She's changed out of her doctor's attire, but dresses like a modest wealthy woman of the capital city, Ehre. Her face bears the laugh-lines of a person who laughs a lot, which she does with you. You learn she has a cruel streak to her humor. Do you like that?

Being a twenty year veteran of the army, Lukacs' humour is very black and quite dry. He wouldn't say his humour is cruel, just incisive and piercing when dealing with someone he considers incompetent, corrupt, or generally bad, but to an outsider, it might seem so. So again he sees a somewhat kindred figure in the doctor. Possibly because both are somewhat sardonic, having seen a lot of death in their lives.


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The silvery "book" is surprisingly light in Zsofika's hands as she studies its pages. As a bonded witchfinder, it is Zsofika's right and responsibility to sort through the books and works of the witches they find, marking those too dangerous and blasphemous for the fire. That she has, perhaps, a more cavalier attitude towards the dangers of knowledge than the Lord Witchfinder might approve of crosses her mind from time to time and brings something of a smile to her lips.

For a time, she ignored the leering dead on her shoulder. Finally, as the party moved aside, Zsofika excused herself out of the torchlight and, out of sight of the others, whirled on the dead thing, the black speech of the dead hissing from her lips in a curt demand, "What do you want of me?"

OOC: So, I'm not sure what kind of Move this would be, though because it targets the dead, it is at a +1 from my Necromancer move.
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