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Freelance Copyediting


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Are you writing RPG homebrew content or a new RPG system? Do you want to make sure it's free of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors before publishing? Do you want your ideas to flow clearly on the page? Do you want the new system or 3rd Party Publishing materials you're hoping to sell to have a professional finish?

I offer freelance copyediting services for all sorts of tabletop RPG content. I will check the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax of your manuscript, and I will also help to polish your writing so that your ideas and individual voice shine on the page.

I offer set rates for some common homebrew materials (races, classes, subclasses, backgrounds, items, and spells) and very reasonable rates for material that falls outside of these categories.

If you're interested, you can respond here, email me at thewordlock@gmail.com, or check out more information at The Wordlock. I can't wait to work with you!
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