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Freelance Forum Guidelines

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Freelance Forum Guidelines

The RPG.net Freelancing and Freelancer's board is a gathering place for both professional and budding amateur freelancers and publishers to meet, network, and offer advice (and criticism) on creative endeavours of all stripes regarding tabletop RPGs.

Members and first-time users alike should strive for a professional and mature atmosphere. To facilitate that, here are a series of guidelines put together by the community here to help newcomers get the best results from their time:


  • Your presentation is a reflection of your business. Check your spelling, use the edit button!
  • There are plenty of potential employers and respected professionals reading this board, whether they participate or not. Your conduct should reflect that.
  • Other forums are provided for off topic discussion.
  • This board is focused on professional (or attempts at professional) work - it is recommended that new members take a little time to familiarise themselves with the general atmosphere of the forum.
  • It is recommended that freelancers include a link to their home page in their .sig file - accessed through the "User CP" button, and include their real name somewhere in their posts.
  • The pen and paper RPG industry is a close-knit one. It is recommended that you don't post anything here that you wouldn't want your clients to read. Trash-talking the industry is probably a bad idea.
  • Single images under 100k can be attached in posts. Copyright notices and permissions should accompany such posts where necessary.
  • A tag stating the general subject of a thread can be helpful to other users. For example: [art], [writing], [editing].
For Publishers


  • Provide e-mail and web site for additional information where possible.
  • Consider the inclusion of a real name as a contact point.
  • Address the issue of pay (whether by flat rate or experienced based, etc.) and the ownership of rights.
  • Give a deadline to submit, and a general idea of when the work in question will be released to give an insight into the work timetable.
  • A tag stating the general subject of a thread can be helpful to other users. For example: [art], [writing], [editing].

    Looking For Artists?
  • Briefly outline the nature of the work - genre, desired style, preferred medium.
  • Specify the size of the project--including whether multiple artists will be accepted, or if only one will be picked.

    Looking For Writers?
  • Give a general idea of what is needed (fiction, game rules, adventure ideas, etc.).
  • Offer approximate word counts.
  • Detail specific requirements (must be familiar with [book name], genre, game system [d20, for example]), if necessary.
Questions regarding these guidelines should be posted to this thread, and any problems regarding the forums should be reported to the moderators or administrators by using the 'Report A Post' button that comes with every post.

Good luck with your creative endeavors!


[Standard Disclaimer: RPG.net is not responsible for any material agreement entered into on this message board. It is understood by all posters to this forum that they engage in freelance practices at their own risk. RPG.net is not responsible for any user-provided content, and provides no guarantee on the veracity of any statement, proposal or project spec posted on this site.]

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The Gamer Market said:


lets make this a threesome...

platonically of course(?)



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You might want to update the guidelines to reflect the fact that we can't add attachments to posts any more. Any images have to be linked from off-site.


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Can you add whether or not the gig pays to that list? There are lots of calls for volunteers here, after all.


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Can we bold the request for tags? I get a little tired of seeing "Dander Monkey" and being forced to assume (simply because of the board's bias - no offense meant) that it's art.


I see the forum has been re-arranged again.

Can this thread get either updated or un-stickied?


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pawsplay said:
I see the forum has been re-arranged again.

Can this thread get either updated or un-stickied?
Sounds like a good idea to me.

Pawsplay, you thought of it and are a writer... I vote you to change em ;)
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